5 Things You Should Not Pack When Moving


5 Things You Should Not Pack When MovingDuring a move, sometimes all you can think about is making sure everything makes it onto the moving van. However, this shouldn’t always be the case. Did you know there are several items you should not pack when moving?

Some belongings pose a safety risk during transit, and others are simply too valuable to potentially lose. These are the top household items that you should plan to dispose of or find alternative ways to transport.

Perishable Food

Perishable foods that are likely to spoil soon aren’t worth relocating to your new home. Instead, plan to use up these items in the weeks leading up to your move. If you’re moving locally, you might consider transporting any salvageable foods yourself in a cooler. However, if you’re moving long distances, it’s best to throw perishable items away.

Hazardous Materials

You should never pack hazardous materials when moving. Items such as paint, gasoline, and cleaning supplies can pose serious risks. These materials are often flammable, corrosive, or explosive. They can cause accidents during the move, and moving companies usually prohibit them. Safely dispose of these items according to local regulations, taking advantage of special disposal programs for hazardous materials.

Irreplaceable Valuables

Irreplaceable valuables, such as family heirlooms, jewelry, and keepsakes, should stay with you during the move so that you can monitor them throughout the process. These items often hold sentimental value and would be devasting to have damaged or lost in transit. By keeping them with you, you won’t have to worry about their whereabouts, and you can be sure they’ll arrive safely at your new home.

Important Documents

Additionally, important personal records should remain on your person instead of inside a moving truck. Make a file or a binder of documents that includes birth certificates, passports, and legal papers to keep them organized. Having these documents readily available can be crucial, especially if you need them for identification or legal purposes. This includes any paperwork that will be important to refer to during the move, such as utility records.

Broken Home Goods

Save yourself the energy and hassle of bringing broken or unused belongings with you to your new home. Moving is the perfect time to declutter and rid yourself of these unnecessary burdens. Packing broken items increases the risk of further damage and takes up valuable space in a moving truck. Focus on bringing only functional items that will enhance your new living quarters.

Knowing what and what not to pack can make your move much smoother. Keep these guidelines in mind. And if you need help, feel free to reach out to moving companies in Houston, such as JT Melia. Call us to learn how our expert team can make your next move a breeze.

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