7 Reasons To Hire Houston Apartment Movers For Your Move

Every move has the potential to become a massive drain on a family, but apartment moves are particularly difficult, posing challenges that don’t come up in any other situation. These challenges, which may not seem like a big deal until moving day, will rear their ugly heads and can bring a full stop to a move before it gets fully underway. Instead of smashing into a wall and extending the move by hours or days, consider bringing in a professional moving service that has experience in dealing with the challenges of moving in to or out of an apartment. These professionals are ready to handle the standard range of obstacles that typically come up during an apartment move, and will ensure that all deadlines are met for their clients.

Apartment Moving: Not as Easy as it Seems

It’s true that single family homes are, in general, larger than apartments. And it’s true, for the most part, that these family homes have more stuff in them that needs to be moved. It might be assumed, then, that these homes pose a greater challenge, just due to the sheer amount of work that is involved. But that would be an incorrect assumption. Apartment complexes are more difficult to navigate for several reasons, and it’s for these reasons that experienced firms make sense for a move. Those reasons include:

  1. Tighter spaces – Normally, there’s plenty of room for moving crews to get in and out of houses, with sidewalks leading right up to the door and down the driveway. With this much space, it’s easy for moving crews to double or triple up on carrying stuff out of the house. This isn’t the case with apartments, where narrow paths usually dominate apartment complex layouts. This can be a real source of frustration for inexperienced movers, and furniture damage is a common outcome.
  2. Stairs galore – Another impediment to free movement are stairs, and they tend to be everywhere in apartment complexes. Most people prefer to live upstairs to avoid dealing with the noise of people walking around on top of them, but this will be a problem when moving day arrives. Getting up and down stairs is extremely taxing when moving furniture and heavy boxes, and can be a major safety concern as well. Carrying heavy items up and down stairs is a frequent cause of stress injuries, and if something is dropped, it can result in serious injury to anyone below. This, of course, doesn’t even address the profound damage that can happen as a result.
  3. People everywhere – When moving a single-family home, the only strangers involved are with the moving company, but this level of control is not afforded to those in apartments. Neighbors are always coming and going, and may end up getting in the way when carrying boxes or furniture. It’s going to happen – some random pedestrian is going to be caught on the stairs while the couch or a dresser is being handled. When that happens, it’s best to have professionals in charge who can keep things from falling apart. Otherwise, the likelihood of damage to the belongings or injury may occur.
  4. Fitting a massive moving truck into a compact area – It’s easy enough pulling a moving truck up to a free-standing house. Just pull the thing into the driveway. Obviously, this is not how it’s done at an apartment complex, where the truck has to be parked in a lot. For someone not experienced with handling a large truck, this can be a nail-biting experience. There’s always the risk of hitting other vehicles, which will effectively make moving impossible that day, and even if the truck is parked appropriately, it will probably block someone. Professionals have plenty of experience navigating large trucks, and won’t be fazed by claustrophobic parking lots.
  5. Keeping everything clean – Most apartment dwellers would like to get their deposit back when it’s time to move on to greener pastures. But it’s a near certainty that apartment complexes will look for any reason to hold onto that deposit. Don’t give them even more of a reason by leaving a huge mess behind. That’s easier said than done, especially when a family is exhausted from a long day of moving. When hiring a moving service, there will be energy left at the end of the day to properly clean the apartment. Professional crews also know how to avoid damaging the walls and door jambs in the apartment.
  6. Prevent injuries – It’s hard to get a move going when someone has to sit out due to injury. And it’s not just the kind of injuries that occur from dropping something. Injuries due to strain are common, especially for people with previous physical ailments, like lower back pains. For these people, it may not even be possible to move heavy items, and it certainly isn’t worth the risk.
  7. Too much stuff – Ideally, the truck and the new home would be able to accommodate all of a family’s belongings without any trouble. In reality, there are often issues with getting everything on the truck or into the new home. And when there is an issue in this area, families moving on their own have few options. Professional moving crews, though, can usually fall back on storage facilities to account for any overflow. And if a family enlists the same moving company for their storage needs, they can often get a nice deal on both.

It’s no fun making an involved move, and it’s even less fun moving out of or in to an apartment. Fortunately, experienced firms know how to do it without incident, and take the tough work off the client’s hands.