The Benefits of Hiring a Local Houston Moving Company

The Benefits of Hiring a Local Houston Moving Company













If you’re getting ready for a move, finding the right professional movers in Houston is step one. Professional moving companies greatly expedite the time it takes to get the job done. For families who need to move quickly, rapidly relocating may also save money.

A challenge for every family, though, is to identify a professional team that can be trusted. Ultimately, the decision will come down to a local moving business or a mover that operates at a national or international level.

For most moves, sticking with a local moving crew is recommended, for several reasons. Four of these reasons include:

1) Local Movers Are Incentivized to Provide Strong Customer Service

Local moving professionals have a presence in their community. They have a physical location that customers can visit, which means they have to answer to their customers face-to-face. They have to build up a positive reputation among people in their area. They rely on word of mouth and referrals from family and friends to ensure customers keep coming in through the door.

In short, local movers are accountable to the local customers they serve, because a single negative review can cause a lot of reputation damage. That’s not always the case with national companies as it’s not as vital to maintain their reputation in particular markets.

Local companies have to continue earning their business, which means delivering excellent service to every customer.

2) Local Moving Companies May Cost Less Than National Companies

Local moving teams are much smaller in scale than their national counterparts, but that’s an advantage to customers. As smaller businesses, local movers don’t have the overhead that national movers do. It costs a lot of money to maintain a presence in so many markets, and those costs are frequently passed on to the client.

Local movers can operate with a lower overhead and provide a superior estimate.

There’s always the “name brand” cost that’s associated with national movers. Well-marketed national movers are able to get away with charging more, as they capture many of their customers through marketing and advertising.

3) Local Moving Companies Know Their Service Area

Experienced local movers know their service area like the back of their hand and can get around the city without issue. That’s invaluable in a city as large and spread out as Houston.

With their in-depth familiarity of their service area, local moving companies are much better at staying on schedule and accounting for everything that may interfere with the job. Traffic patterns, construction sites, faster side roads – local movers know how to make the most of every minute while in transit.

Contrast this with national companies, which may only have a cursory idea of the city layout. In many cases, this means delays to and from the house. Clients may pay for the extra time spent in traffic, too, so it’s not just time you’ll lose out on.

4) Local Moving Services are More Likely to Have Storage Facilities

Established local movers are likely to have storage facilities in their service area, so they can provide additional room for any items that won’t fit in the new place. And if the same moving company is providing storage, it’s convenient to unload everything off the truck that will fit, and let the movers take the rest of the items to storage.

When hiring a national mover, there’s no guarantee that they will have storage facilities close to the customer. If there’s a space-related emergency, the client may have no choice but to hire a second company to provide storage. That’s cumbersome and costly – in time and money.

5) Local Movers Can Provide High Quality Moving Equipment and Materials

Local moving companies maintain their reputation through excellent service, and part of that is ensuring all necessary resources are ready for the job. And by resources, this means a large enough truck, plenty of manpower, and high-quality equipment and materials.

An experienced moving team should have everything they need to safely move everything in the home, including furniture and appliances. The tools of the trade include dollies, durable boxes, furniture pads, packing materials, protective covers, ropes and harnesses. Some moving crews can even bring powered dollies or a crane to the job for particularly challenging items.

National movers may have some of these resources, too, but with locations spread far and wide, critical equipment may not be available when it’s needed most.

When Shopping Around for a Moving Company, Shop Local

There are thousands of moving companies operating around the country, some of them local in scope and some of them national. From the customer’s perspective, it may not seem like there’s a major difference between local and national movers simply because they both move stuff, right?

However, there is a difference. Local moving companies are customer-driven, familiar with their area, less costly, and better equipped to manage a wide range of local moves. Add it all up and it’s clear that local moving companies have the advantage in Houston.

13 Ways to Find a Reputable Residential Moving Company in Houston

13 Ways to Find a Reputable Residential Moving Company in Houston













If a move is in your near future, the top 13 ways to find a reputable residential moving company in Houston should top your list of important things to do. Of all the things moving can entail, making sure you have the help of the right professional moving company is one of the most critical. While this step can take some time, it will be well worth the effort if you do not have to worry about unrealistic moving quotes, your property becoming carelessly damaged or lost, or even arriving late at the final destination. Having the right movers in place can make for a more streamlined and worry-free process.

Top 13 Ways to Find a Reputable Residential Moving Company in Houston

Lists are your friend when moving. They are good for deciding what to pack, which rooms of the home to tackle in what order, and other things you need to take care of, like utilities and finding a reputable residential moving company. This last item can have a profound domino effect on everything that comes after it, so start here to make the most of your next moving experience:

  1. Ask for referrals. With the number of moving companies in Houston, what better way is there to determine how good a company is than talking to someone that was a previous client? Ask local friends and family who they have used in the Greater Houston area for moves, as well as what they liked and what they didn’t. If friends and family are not able to provide any information, consider turning to sources such as online reviews or the Better Business Bureau. Referrals can be a great place to start because instead of simply cold calling companies you know nothing about, you can start with moving companies that you do know about.
  2. Double-check the company’s credentials. Unfortunately, in an effort to get moving jobs, there are many fly by night movers who may have a web page and business cards that tout an address that does in fact not belong to them. Before proceeding on to the next step, take a few minutes to cross reference the address the company gave you with the name assigned to that property via Google Maps or the Better Business Bureau. If the address checks out, then make a note of how long the company has been in business. The longer a company has operated in Houston, the more credibility it can offer.
  3. Verify that movers on your list are both licensed and insured. For this step, confirm with the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that the company you are considering has been issued a license to be an interstate mover. It is often more commonly referred to as a company’s U.S. DOT number. This designation ensures you are working with a licensed company. Make certain any moving companies on your list are also insured as this protects both them and you.
  4. Ask about vehicle maintenance for moving vans. Licensing and insurance are musts for a reputable residential moving company in Houston, but vehicle maintenance should not be far behind. By simply making sure vans and trucks are regularly inspected and maintained, it could help eliminate troublesome issues that can arise from missed oil changes, dead batteries, etc.
  5. Confirm the company’s damage rate for moving. When putting a lifetime of belongings into the hands of the moving company, it is important to first confirm their damage rate. While a damage rate of zero percent is ideal, it is also unrealistic. Things happen from time to time amidst packing and transport. For this reason, be wary of entities promising they have a zero percent damage rate and instead look for a company that admits to a damage rate of closer to one percent.
  6. Ask about deposits. A reputable residential moving company in Houston should not ask for a large cash deposit before actually moving. Should a candidate ask for such a deposit up front, it could signal a less than credible operation. This should be a giant red flag and a signal to rethink keeping those movers on the list of potential candidates.
  7. Look for a company that uses employees rather than contractors to move people. Because moving jobs can vary depending on the season, some companies hire contract workers to assist them. This can be risky because contract workers may not be subject to drug testing and background checks in the way that full-time employees are. It gives many individuals more peace of mind to know that an employee of the company will be moving their belongings.
  8. Verify that the movers can accommodate your type of move. For some smaller moving companies, anything further than a local move could prove to be an issue. Ideally, whether you are moving a couple of blocks over or to a different city or state, it can be smart to enlist the help of movers that perform both local and long-distance moves as they provide a more well-rounded moving experience. Another consideration is to use a company that can accommodate complicated moves that feature multi-story buildings or particularly large and heavy items that may require the use of specialized equipment.
  9. Confirm that the moving company is available when you need them. Once you have set a date for the move, it is essential to line up the movers as soon as possible so you can secure your spot on their schedule. Though you may not be ready to commit at this point in the vetting process, it is still a good idea to confirm that they do have availability for the date you require.
  10. Choose movers that offer a wide variety of services. Some providers simply load boxes and furniture and drive the moving van to the destination, but many people who are moving prefer to hire a company that is ready to step up with a variety of services in case they are needed. Look for a residential mover who provides packing and unpacking services if needed. In addition, be sure whoever you hire also understands how to wrap and protect fragile pieces of furniture. And should you have special pieces such as a grand piano or a grandfather clock, confirm the company has all the necessary equipment and materials to do customized packaging and transport.
  11. Get an in-person moving quote. It is strongly recommended to obtain a written quote that is provided after an in-person inventory of the home. While there is a measure of convenience in online or over the phone quotes, they can be wildly inaccurate since they are based only on inventory estimates of the homeowner, which often leads to higher and unexpected costs and delays on moving day. When a representative from the company gives an in-person quote, it allows you to get an accurate estimate while also giving you a chance to measure the company’s professionalism.
  12. Zero in on quote verbiage. Although the estimate is the heart of a moving quote, it is equally important to zero in on the language used to describe potential changes. In general, movers use non-binding, non-binding to-exceed, or binding estimates. Each is substantially different. Non-binding estimates usually limit the amount of money a company can come back and ask for in addition to the original quote and mandate that overages be paid within a specific window of time. A non-binding to-exceed estimate stipulates the homeowner will not have to pay overages not referenced in the initial estimate. A binding estimate is usually a guaranteed price for specific services with the ability to add on (and pay for) additional services as decided on by the customer.
  13. Talk about communication before and during the move. With a quote in hand, ask how the company will keep in touch up until the move, if they will call to confirm a few days before, and how they will communicate the drivers’ progress while they are transporting boxes and furniture. This can seem like a small thing, but the more communicative the moving company is, the smoother a move may go.

By reviewing this list of 13 ways to find a reputable residential moving company in Houston, it should help you put the issue of choosing the right mover behind you. This leaves you free to focus on the other details that lie ahead of you before your move.

How to Choose the Best Moving Company

How to Choose the Best Moving Company in Houston

When getting ready to move, one of the first things on your to-do list can be to find a mover and reserve a moving date, which makes knowing how to choose the best moving company a necessity. Because there can be a sense of urgency to secure the date needed, it can be tempting to skip the due diligence that should be exercised when looking for a moving company. The result can be having a less than respectable fly-by-night moving company in charge of all your personal possessions, a situation no one wants to find themselves in.

Protect yourself and your belongings by enlisting the help of an industry-respected Houston moving company that has a proven record of serving customers well in years past and that operates with that same standard of excellence still today.

How to Choose the Best Moving Company

The question then becomes how to navigate the literally hundreds of listings for moving companies to find one that is reputable, professional, and trustworthy. Some tips on how to choose the best moving company can be to find a provider that is:

  • Industry-respected. If a moving company is rated well by professional organizations, such as the Better Business Bureau, and has received achievement awards, it speaks to the level of respect they have earned within the industry among their peers and previous clients.
  • Family owned. Family owned and operated moving companies tend to take great pride in their work because everything they do reflects on the family’s name and reputation. These companies are usually willing to go the extra mile to do their jobs with integrity and excellence that both their employer and customer can be proud of.
  • Local. Going with a local moving company ensures that they have an intimate understanding of the area. This can be particularly helpful in large cities in which navigating a complex web of interstates and highways may be required. Local employees and drivers should have a better understanding of what roadways to avoid at peak rush hour and alternative routes for construction detours.

While this is a great starting place, it is recommended to verify that the companies making the cut on your list also hire hand-picked employees rather than contract movers. Hiring on employees typically means that the company does thorough background checks and drug screenings. Those companies who hire contract workers may not require these individuals to submit to these processes, which means they may not know everything they need to before sending the worker into your home.

Once you have narrowed the list down to companies that exemplify these traits, the next step is to look for what services they provide.

What Services to Look for in the Best Moving Company

Not all moving companies offer the same scope of services, so while it may sound obvious to verify the services an entity provides, it is highly encouraged. If you are wondering how to choose the best moving company, the top 6 considerations include:

  1. Versatility. The more types of moves a company has successfully completed, the more prepared they generally are for future moving jobs. Make sure a company has the capacity to do both residential moves and commercial moves that are in-state, across state lines, and even internationally.
  2. Excellent customer service. When it comes to how to find the best moving company, one of the top considerations should be the quality of customer service they provide. This can range from the number of services they offer, to the types and frequency of communication they employ, to the occurrence of updates a customer receives during the move itself.
  3. In-person quotes. While it may seem like a time saver to get a moving quote online or over the phone, both require an accurate estimate of the number of boxes and pieces of furniture to be moved from the customer. If the customer is not packed yet, it can be easy to underestimate the number of boxes that will need to be moved. This means the quote could go up on moving day, and there could potentially be issues with having the right size moving van. To avoid this type of situation, look for a company that will send an employee to the home or business to provide an accurate in-person quote after surveying the rooms and spaces that need to be moved.
  4. Packing and Unpacking Services. Packing services can be particularly attractive for those who are aging, those who require an expedited move, or even those moving overseas. Choose a mover who, if needed, will be willing to show up at your location with packing supplies in hand and that will expertly pack up the necessary items. Unpacking services are frequently used when there is a need to settle into the new destination quickly and avoid living among boxes for weeks at a time. Selecting a mover that offers this service as well may help people acclimate to their new surroundings faster.
  5. Low damage rate. The goal is to have boxed and wrapped items moved to their destination without a change in their condition, such as a break, crack, or other type of damage. However, this may happen from time to time due to a number of reasons, ranging from a box that is not packed with proper balance to many other situations. Still, the damage rate number should be low, so look for one of close to one percent.
  6. Truck maintenance. When moving, the focus tends to be on the items being moved but the success of the endeavor depends in large part on the condition of the moving trucks. A vehicle that is not regularly maintained and does not abide by DOT standards could be at risk of breaking down, which would cause a move to be unnecessarily delayed. Find a professional company that regularly performs maintenance to their vehicles.

Now that you know how to choose the best moving company, make that knowledge work for you by doing some homework before signing on the dotted line. This process can provide confidence and peace of mind that is practically priceless.

How Remodelers and Interior Decorators Use Houston Moving Companies

How Remodelers and Interior Decorators Use Houston Moving Companies

When having a living space redesigned, it is essential to know how remodelers and interior decorators use Houston moving companies to achieve their goal. If you spend any time watching home design shows, you have likely seen firsthand the furniture that goes out of the home and all the new furniture that comes in and takes its place. What may not get a lot of TV time is the men and women that do the meticulous moving of every piece furniture in the process.

Whether it is taking out older furniture from a home that will be repurposed or stored somewhere else, or bringing brand new one of a kind designer pieces in, reputable remodelers and interior decorators should use only the best and most reliable professional moving companies.

The cracking of a new quartz countertop a remodeler plans to install or a damaged piece of personalized artwork an interior designer intends to display are unexpected surprises that cannot be easily remedied. These are not situations that remodelers and designers can afford to experience in their line of work. The key to success can be having the right professional moving company working for you.

How Remodelers and Interior Designers Use Houston Moving Companies

While it can depend on the type of job being done, many home redesigns take place all at once. This means that instead of having furniture or display pieces mailed one by one to the home itself, often times these items are stored in an especially designated area until design day. The challenge for remodelers and designers then becomes getting the specific and sometimes customized pieces to the site. This is a job usually designated to reputable moving companies by using moving services.

More specific ways of how remodelers and interior designers use Houston moving companies to help them leading up to and on design day include:

  • Moving old furniture out. Remodelers will need space to work, and in some cases the remodeling they need to do could impact adjacent pieces of furniture. For added safety, the furniture may need to be removed from the home until the remodel is completed. Interior designers typically need at least part, if not all, of the furniture removed from a home so they can get any necessary remodeling done and then start with a blank design canvas.
  • Moving new furniture in. On remodel or design day, handpicked pieces of housing material or furniture will need to be moved from where they are being stored to the home itself. Depending on how the item arrived at the storage facility, this may require some customized crating or specialty packaging to ensure a safe transit in both the moving van and from the van into the home.
  • Packing up and loading items. While remodelers generally deal with larger pieces such as countertops or cabinetry, interior designers may have big and small pieces that need to be moved. The end goal is to have the items appear at their destination just as they did before they were moved. This may require repacking or customized packaging to ensure that the items are as protected as possible. This may require repackaging from the original box or new packaging if the item was personally bought instead of shipped. Each piece should be packed and labeled accordingly to ensure they are loaded into the moving van with care and strategy.
  • Transporting items. A Houston moving company can assist with the transportation of items from the storage facility to the design space. Remodelers and interior designers will want to ensure that a professional moving company can move the items from point A to point B and do so safely. A successful project is not one that includes damaged pieces that create a delay for the project and unhappy customers.
  • Unpacking services. Once items are delivered to the home for remodelers and interior designers, it can be beneficial to have the moving company unpack the items. Sofas may be wrapped in layers of plastic and paintings may be boxed up tightly to keep them protected. This usually helps save valuable time and can help cut down on the work a designer has to do before they can begin decorating the space.
  • Assembling and installing key pieces. Should some furniture or key pieces need to be assembled and installed, a professional moving company can help with that too. Putting a piece of furniture together can be easier for movers who already have the required tools and training.

When it comes to how remodelers and interior decorators use Houston moving companies, there are plenty of ways these moving experts can help assist to bring a project to completion.

Finding the Right Houston Moving Company for Remodelers and Interior Designers

With so much on the line for redesign projects, remodelers and interior designers should front load their efforts by finding the right Houston moving company for the job. It takes time to do due diligence in this area, but the reward can be peace of mind that is practically priceless.

After focusing on how remodelers and interior decorators use Houston moving companies, the first order of business should be to find the right company to work with. Five considerations design professionals should take into account when hiring a moving company include:

  1. Licensing. This is nonnegotiable. The moving company you select should be licensed and insured. Do not be shy about asking for their Department of Transportation licensing.
  2. Reputation. While it can be helpful to have confirmation from friends and family who have used the moving company themselves, it may be more beneficial to find other remodelers and interior designers who have used the company’s services. These reviews will likely be more helpful.
  3. Experience. This is typically a given for designers but is still worth mentioning. Your mover of choice should have decades of experience in the moving industry and have done similar jobs for remodelers and interior designers in the past.
  4. Damage rate. When moving precious cargo to a job site, it is critical to know a company’s damage rate. Beware of those who tell you their damage rate is zero percent. It is more reasonable to look for a company that has closer to a one percent damage rate.
  5. Vehicle maintenance. Remodelers and designers are charged with doing a job and getting it completed on time. For this reason, it is important to take every precaution possible to ensure timely delivery such as regular maintenance for moving vehicles.

How remodelers and interior decorators use Houston moving companies can dictate the outcome of the job they are working on. It is best to vet who you are working with so you can have confidence in the process and be proud of a job well done once the big reveal happens.

What to Expect from a Houston Moving Company

What to Expect from a Houston Moving Company

Getting ready to move can be a time filled with excitement if you know what to expect from a Houston moving company and choose to work with one that checks off all the boxes. Enlisting the help of an experienced and reputable mover allows you to focus on your new destination and the journey ahead, instead of getting bogged down in details. For a smoother move, take a bit of time to learn what to expect from a Houston moving company, choose a good provider, and then set your new start in motion.

What to Expect from a Houston Moving Company

When searching for Houston movers, there are hundreds of options. However, just because a moving company shows up in an online search should not be enough for you to automatically trust them with moving your personal belongings.

Knowing what to expect from a Houston moving company can help narrow the field if there are multiple companies on your list. For less stress and more confidence in the moving process from start to finish, it is a good idea to expect the following services from the moving company you choose:

Solid Reputation

In a city as large as Houston, there are moving companies of all shapes, sizes, and experience levels. It is important to consider the difference between trusting your life’s belongings to a fly by night company with little experience or credibility and a professional company that is established and has an excellent reputation among its clients.


To increase the level of confidence in your belongings safely making it from point A to point B, it is recommended that you choose a Houston moving company with years of experience. Companies who feature a family name are often a good bet because they are typically run by family members who work hard to protect their name and reputation.

Familiarity with Local Geography

Cities as large as Houston feature a complex network of highways, interstates, and feeder roads and that are just inside the city limits. The city also features dozens of suburbs to the north, east, south, and west. Ensuring that you have a mover who is familiar with navigating local geography and traffic with ease can be a huge asset on moving day.

Employed vs. Contract Workers

Expect a quality moving company to employ their workers on a permanent basis, rather than hiring temporary contract workers. Employees generally undergo a more rigorous background check and others that include drug screenings and physicals than contract workers. This can give home and business owners greater peace of mind in trusting the company they choose to work with.

Licensing and Insurance

To operate lawfully, a Houston moving company should be licensed by the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) as well as the Texas Department of Transportation. To verify that a company has both of these licenses, simply ask for their corresponding licensing numbers. The company should also be insured, typically through a combination of cargo, accident, and automobile liability insurance which can protect the company and those it is moving.

Low Damage Rates

While the end goal is to have belongings moved without any damage or issues, this is not always the case. There may be times when a small piece breaks off a fragile figurine or the glass of a frame becomes cracked. Damage can be a risk for any move, which is why a reliable moving company should be willing to openly share their damage rate with clients. If a company tells you they have a damage rate of zero percent, proceed with caution as this is highly unlikely. However, it is somewhat reasonable to look for a company with a one percent damage rate.

In-Home Moving Quotes

While an online or over the phone moving quote can be convenient, they are seldom as accurate as an in-person quote given at the home. Choose a professional mover who is willing to come to the home and go room by room to give a more accurate and dependable moving quote.


Moving is a process that is usually conducted over several weeks’ time from researching to getting a quote to packing to moving. Expect the moving company you choose to communicate with you every step of the way to ensure you are all on the same page.

Packing Services

Depending on a person’s needs, the services they require may include just loading and unloading the furniture and boxes onto and out of the moving van, or it may also include packing services. A company that packs up a client offers advantages, such as providing the moving supplies and packing balanced boxes that are less likely to tip over in transit, which can avoid damage to the contents.

Specialized Moving Equipment

Some clients may have cumbersome pieces of furniture such as a piano or grandfather clock or own priceless pieces of art that require customized crating or packaging for a move. For pieces like these, a good moving company should have access to specialized equipment and packing supplies that allow these items to be safely transported.

Unpacking Services

Getting packed up and moving to a new destination requires such a great deal of planning and logistics, that the appeal of unpacking and getting settled can quickly lose its luster. For this reason, a quality Houston moving company will also offer unpacking services. This is a wildly popular convenience for those who might otherwise be content to let unopened boxes take over their new space for longer than necessary.

A professional Houston moving company will understand that a person moving has many choices when it comes to selecting a provider. This is all the more reason for the company to work diligently on being punctual, professional and friendly. Movers should be on time, fast, thorough, and approachable to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Once you know what to expect from a Houston moving company, it just doesn’t make sense to expect anything less. Find a quality and trusted professional Houston moving company to make your next move a positive and successful one!

9 Tips For Hiring A Houston Mover

Whether you are moving a few blocks over, to the other side of the state, or completely across state lines, hiring a reputable Houston mover to transport your belongings is something that deserves more than just a passing thought. Moving companies can be a dime a dozen, especially in large cities like Houston, but that does not necessarily mean they all have the right certifications and can provide the services that you require.

Choosing a reputable moving company requires some basic research and an investment of time, but these efforts combined with the below 9 tips for hiring a Houston mover can give you more confidence and peace of mind on moving day and beyond.

9 Tips for Hiring a Houston Mover

Moving anywhere is typically a huge undertaking. It is not an easy thing to pack up decades of memories carefully and evenly into moving boxes, and it requires a little more skill than you think to pack these boxes in a way that prevents the items instead from getting broken during loading, unloading or while in transit.

With these 9 tips for hiring a Houston mover, it can help simplify the process by making the right company stand out:

1. Confirm the scope of services they provide.

It is best to go with a company that provides a wide variety of services including packing, transportation, and unpacking. Moving companies typically provide the packing supplies, which can save customers time from having to go from store to store to collect boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, and more. Particularly for moves that require a short turnaround, having the company pack up your things can save valuable time and prevent you from having to pay extra fees that can be associated with late move outs.

2. Verify they offer specialty services.

Most moving companies have moved more cardboard boxes and pieces of furniture than they can possibly remember, but some specialty items such as a piano or a large safe may require additional packaging and special equipment to move them. If you have an item that falls outside of the status quo when it comes to furniture, be sure to verify that the company you select will be willing to move it and can do so safely.

3. Ensure they can accommodate more than just ground floor moves.

If you are moving out of a third-floor condo or moving to a second story apartment, it is essential that you confirm that the company has the capability to make that happen and has experience in doing so. Moves to or from anything other than a single story can take some ingenuity when it comes to safely getting larger items such as sofas and entertainment centers down to the moving truck or up to the unit without damaging the item or the property.

4. Get an in-home estimate.

The internet can simplify so many processes in today’s technological world, but a moving estimate should not be one of them. When receiving an estimate online or over the phone, the individual giving you the quote is assuming you know exactly how many boxes you will have to move for each room of the house, as well as how many pieces of furniture require transport. The problem is that most people do not move on a regular basis and therefore do not have a firm grasp on how many things will fit in a box or how many boxes they will need. It is highly recommended to receive all moving quotes in the form of in-home estimates. This allows a company to go room by room to itemize exactly how many boxes and pieces of furniture will need to be loaded onto a moving truck. With years of moving experience, these individuals can provide a much more accurate estimate and can keep you from suffering from sticker shock on moving day because of a poor internet-based moving estimate.

5. Ensure familiarity with starting point and destination city streets and geography.

This is an often-overlooked point when hiring a Houston moving company. Cities as large as Houston have confusing one-way downtown streets, highway interchanges, and a complex grid of suburbs. Be sure your mover is accustomed to navigating these city obstacles and feels confident in doing so.

6. Check their driving record.

A company’s driving record becomes infinitely more pertinent when the truck they are driving is carrying all of your personal belongings. Ask how the company monitors their drivers’ records and if the individuals moving you specifically have any driving offenses while on the job.

7. Confirm the company uses employees and not contractors for moves.

It is not uncommon for fly by night operations to hire contractors as needed to complete moves. This should be a significant concern for the customer as those companies may not perform adequate background checks or drug screenings for these individuals. A company that hires its employees is more likely to require their employees to submit to both background checks and drug screenings, which can be an added source of comfort for clients.

8. Verify credentials.

Every mover should have certain credentials based on the type of work that they do and the services that they offer. According to state law, Texas movers must be licensed with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles and will have a certificate number on file. Ensure that your mover can provide you with proof of this certificate. Moving companies that move their customers across state lines should be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and have an official United States Department of Transportation number. The state requires each truck to display their DOT number where it can be seen clearly.

9. Review customer reviews and references.

One of the best ways to find out how good a moving company really is includes checking with previous customers. It is worth noting that very seldom are all a company’s reviews positive. It’s important to weigh the good with the bad, and if there are many, many more positive than negative reviews, the company is likely trustworthy. However, if up to a quarter or more of the reviews or negative, it may be worth reconsidering choosing that company.

With these 9 tips for hiring a Houston mover, you can be more confident in knowing how to find the right mover and what to expect along the way.

Finding A Piano Mover In Houston

Residential Movers - JT Melia Moving Company In Houston, Texas
The house is sold, boxes are almost packed, but you still haven’t found the perfect piano mover in Houston. The truth is that not every company is willing to attempt moving such a heavy yet fragile instrument that is worth so much money. By the same token, a company willing to do so does not necessarily mean it is qualified. Pianos are stunning musical instruments that typically have rich family histories and hold special memories. Find a piano mover in Houston that values these instruments and pledges to protect them throughout the moving process.

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Tips On Selecting A Mover In Houston

With hundreds of different moving companies in the city, there are some important considerations to be made before selecting a mover in Houston. To find a moving company that will specifically meet your needs, learn how to find highly rated companies, ask what services they offer, and clarify their time availability. The answers to all these questions and more should point you toward the right company for your moving needs.

Whether you are moving within the city or cleaning out a college apartment, both generally require the services of a moving company. When it comes to moving expensive furniture and sentimental items, choosing the right mover in Houston matters.

The Best Way to Find a Mover in Houston

In a city as large as Houston, finding a mover is seldom a problem for residents requiring those services. The challenge often comes in finding an experienced, reliable, and trustworthy company to work with. Finding a company that emulates each of these three qualities is less difficult than one would think if you know where to look. Continue reading “Tips On Selecting A Mover In Houston”