How to find a reliable moving company in texas


Are you moving from Texas to another state, or currently a resident? If you are relocating to another part of The Lone Star State, you will need a reliable moving company in Texas.

Long-distance moving can be challenging. However, if you have the assistance of a professional moving company, the obstacles will be much easier to overcome. How can you find a reputable moving company in TX? Continue reading to find out!

Rely on Word of Mouth

If there are people in your life you trust that used movers recently, ask about their experiences. Their suggestions (or cautions!) can help you choose a reputable moving company. Another excellent resource for word-of-mouth recommendations is a local realty group. Realtors are constantly in contact with people that are moving and will for sure have suggestions. 

Get More Than One Moving Quote

Make sure you have choices while choosing a moving company. Putting in the time to get at least three price quotes for your relocation will be well worth it in the long run. Compare those quotes to see which company will provide you with the best service for your money.

Check Out the Moving Company

It sounds ridiculous; however, be sure the company you’re potentially using is who they say they are.

  • Is there an address on their website? If not, call and ask what their address is. If they don’t want to tell you, that’s a big red flag.
  • Is the mover licensed in your state? If they are licensed interstate movers, they will have a US DOT number. If they don’t, that’s another red flag.
  • Is the moving company professionally accredited? This is an excellent indicator to see if a moving company is reputable within the moving industry. Trade associations make their membership candidates prove their trustworthiness and capableness before granting membership. Look and see if the Texas moving company you are thinking about using belongs to the American Moving and Storage Association; the movers will have a seal on their website somewhere if they are!
  • Does the moving business have n acceptable track record with the BBB? You can look at the Better Business Bureau for free to see if the moving company is listed with the BBB. If they aren’t, or if they are listed but have an unsatisfactory rating, you probably don’t want to give them your business.

Know What Is a Warning

A big red flag that you’re not dealing with a trustworthy moving company is if they request cash up-front in the moving industry. No reputable moving company will ask you for a deposit. You should also think about how professional the company is while they do their estimate; they should be on-time, knowledgeable, and able to answer your concerns with confidence. If they can’t do these things, forget about them and move on to another, more respectable moving company.

You need to trust your moving company, and any movers you hire need to earn your trust ultimately. Reliable movers like Johnnie T. Melia Moving & Storage will hit all of the criteria for a reputable mover in Texas. Let us give you a free moving quote for your Texas moving adventure.

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