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The house is sold, boxes are almost packed, but you still haven’t found the perfect piano mover in Houston. The truth is that not every company is willing to attempt moving such a heavy yet fragile instrument that is worth so much money. By the same token, a company willing to do so does not necessarily mean it is qualified. Pianos are stunning musical instruments that typically have rich family histories and hold special memories. Find a piano mover in Houston that values these instruments and pledges to protect them throughout the moving process.

Why You Need a Piano Mover

Pianos are intricately designed instruments with a remarkable blend of sturdiness and fragileness. While the instrument itself can weigh hundreds of pounds, many of the working parts of the piano are quite fragile and may be susceptible to damage. This is the reason it’s so important to enlist the help of professional piano movers.

A professional moving company that has years of experience in moving pianos and similarly fragile pieces of furniture, typically understands and is better prepared for the more common challenges associated with this type of move.

A reputable piano mover in Houston will be able to expertly package the piano. These professionals have access to blankets, clear wrap, heavy duty belts, and a number of other moving implements that can facilitate the move safely. In addition, companies who regularly move pianos may be more familiar with the best moving method to keep the instrument’s frame and soundboard intact.

While it might be possible for an individual to move a piano on their own, most piano sellers and experts do not recommend it. Inexperienced or amateur piano movers can risk their health, safety, and potential damage to the instrument itself, not to mention damage to the house, in the event of a mishap.

From packing the piano, to loading it on the moving van, to driving it to its new home, experienced moving professionals know how to do the job right.

Enlist the help of a reputable and well rated piano mover in Houston so you can have confidence in the staff and the well-being of your piano, leaving you to focus on other responsibilities that come with moving.

4 Considerations For Moving A Piano

Before arranging the piano move, owners should first review the below considerations to better communicate their specific moving needs before the big day:

Size of the piano

Pianos range in size with the spinet piano being one of the smallest and a grand piano being one of the largest. Smaller pianos may weigh only several hundred pounds whereas larger concert pianos can weigh well over one thousand pounds. Be specific when you tell your mover the length and weight of the piano so they will be prepared to accommodate it on moving day.

Condition of the piano

The more information movers have about the instrument they are moving, the better equipped they are to make appropriate accommodations. If the piano has a wobbly leg or a cracked piece of wood, let the movers know so they can give special attention to that particular area when packaging the piano for the move.

Piano legs

Be specific in describing if the piano legs have wheels. Check to make sure the wheels and any wheel locks are functioning properly. This may dictate how movers get the piano to the moving truck.

Exit route

Depending on the size of the piano, getting the instrument out of the house and into the moving van can be a challenge. Measure the height and width of doorways and entryways in your home to help identify the best exit route.

Speaking with movers about any challenges or potential obstacles before the big day will make things go smoother.

What To Look For In A Piano Mover In Houston

Whether you are moving a piano around the block or across the country, the skill and precision involved with preserving its integrity should be the same. Choosing the right moving company is paramount to success. A few things to keep in mind when shopping around for a piano mover in Houston include:


What you know about a company’s owner can say quite a bit about the company itself. Verify how many times the company’s ownership has changed over the years. Many customers prefer a business that is family run and therefore may have a bigger stake in the reputation of the family name.


Look for a moving company in Houston that is transparent about their employment procedure. A good moving company should conduct background checks, drug screenings, and physicals for their employees.

Vehicle Maintenance

Ask about the company’s vehicle maintenance schedule. The last thing a customer wants is a broken-down vehicle with an expensive piano onboard.


Research how long the company has been in business. The more years of experience the company has, the easier their track record will be to verify.


Enlist the help of a piano mover in Houston that has excellent insurance which includes liability, cargo, and accident coverage.


Verify that the moving company is registered with the appropriate entities such as the Texas Department of Transportation, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, and the U.S. Department of Transportation. If the move crosses state lines, additional registration with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is generally required.

By working with a reputable and competent piano mover in Houston, you can leave the piano moving to the professionals and start dreaming about how your piano will look and sound in its new home.

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