How Can Moving Tips Ensure A Smooth Moving Process

Reputable moving companies generally offer a list of moving tips that can be helpful in preparing for the transition. Individuals who choose to package their belongings on their own while leaving a moving company to handle the rest of the project, however, must give special attention to certain aspects of the move to ensure the safe transport of their property.

Some of the most important moving tips for self-packers include timely planning, an accurate inventory assessment, the procurement of suitable packaging materials, appropriate packing methods to ensure safe transport, and careful labeling of boxes.

As with any move, the timely hiring of a reputable company is crucial. Likewise, it is important to begin the packing process several weeks prior to the moving date. Customers need to have an estimate of approximately how many boxes and how much furniture will need to be transported. This allows the company to plan effectively and prevents haulers to arrive with a truck that is too small for the amount of cargo produced by the household or business. Many moving companies provide quality packaging materials, thus simplifying the client’s to-do list.

Once the customer is ready to begin packing, it is important to remember not to overstuff boxes and to limit their weight to about 50 pounds. Heavy items should go into the bottom of a box, while lighter items should be stored near the top. Blankets are a great, cost-free way to protect breakable goods such as mirrors. Glasses and other small fragile items should be individually wrapped with tissue paper.

Once all goods are packed properly, customers are asked to label each box with a sticker that indicates the contents of the box as well as its designated room at the destination.