Always Use Piano Moving Services When A Move Is Necessary

Many people may feel that they can handle transporting their own belongings in a relocation, but it may pay dividends to look into piano moving services first. Since these instruments are of great value, both monetary and sentimental, it becomes imperative in seeking only professionals to complete this type of relocation.

The size and unique shapes of these instruments are the reason why only the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals should be considered. Firstly, it may take up to a team of five people depending on how large the instrument is, while shape may cause for the removal of doors and other fixtures to properly transport the item. Professionals will utilize sliding pads in order to move an item so large, but if the instrument is too large, cranes may have to be used. All of this movement is done with the instrument’s safety and structural integrity in mind, and many more steps such as covering it in plastic and packing the truck with blankets are all used to accomplish this.

Piano moving services are not only concerned about manpower however. An extensive knowledge of the city and transit route is essential in transporting the instrument on the most even and smooth paths available. JT Melia, a family owned and operated business of over forty years, has the experience and tools necessary to transport these instruments. Not only do they offer a full fleet of insured and licensed vehicles to assist in the relocation, they also insure the instrument based on its weight. Only a professional job will eliminate the stress of transporting one of these priceless items, while also avoiding any potential damage that is sure to arise in an individual attempt.