Why Decluttering Makes Moving Easier


Why Decluttering Makes Moving Easier

Most individuals have clutter they have vowed to sort through at some point or another but knowing why decluttering makes moving easier is a lesson best learned sooner rather than later. If you are getting ready to buy or sell, be proactive and declutter your home in advance of moving. This not only streamlines the process but may also help save some money by eliminating unnecessary boxes. Before getting an in-person quote from a professional moving company, take the time to declutter. Your sanity and wallet will thank you for it.

Why Decluttering Makes Moving Easier

When getting ready to move, the to-do list can get long quickly, which makes simply packing up what you already have into boxes without a thought more than tempting. However, there are several key ways in which decluttering makes moving easier:

  • Less stuff to pack and unpack. When done right, decluttering the home should result in less things to pack and then unpack later. Compare the time it would take to carefully wrap old dishes in bubble wrap and put them into a box for a move versus taking them directly to a charity or thrift store as is.
  • Moving can cost less money with less boxes. By decluttering people can usually eliminate as many as five to ten or more packing boxes of their belongings. Less boxes to move should equal a slightly lower moving estimate, and that can help save money.
  • Faster sale of a home. One of the number one tips realtors give to sellers is to begin by decluttering their home because it can make a space seem bigger than it is and helps the buyer more easily envision their own belongings in that space. In either case, decluttering a home on the market may make it sell faster.

The bottom line is that spending several days or weeks going through a home to declutter is time well spent and often results in putting more money back into your pocket.

Top 8 Tips for Decluttering Before A Move

Decluttering can seem like a massive undertaking, especially for those with larger homes. No matter the size of your home, the good news is that by breaking it down into simpler steps it can help facilitate the process without overwhelming you.

Our top 8 tips for decluttering before a move are:

1. Start now

Resist the urge to procrastinate and focus on other aspects of moving. Start decluttering now so you can take your time and not feel rushed. Decluttering is most successful over a period of days or a week or two. Trying to do it all in one day is enough to make anyone feel stressed out.

2. Set up a system

One of the most tried and true methods recommended for those decluttering is to set up three boxes in each room labeled throw away, donate or sell, and keep. This allows the individual to sort as they go. Putting these items in boxes facilitates easier transport either to the trash, a charity or garage sale, or a moving truck.

3. Consider an item’s practicality

If just the thought of sorting your personal items into three different categories is enough to make you break out in hives, relax, and ask yourself one question: Have I used this item in the last twelve to sixteen months? If yes, keep and eventually pack that item. If not, and the item is in good shape it can likely be donated or sold. If the item is beyond repair, throw it away.

4. Go room by room

Do not make the mistake of going back and forth between rooms during the week as it generally creates more chaos and confusion regarding what has been decluttered and what has not. Simplify the process by going systematically room by room, one at a time. Do not move onto another room until the one you are currently working on has been completed.

5. Get rid of unnecessary duplicates

It is commonplace for some households to accumulate things over time such as multiple sets of sheets for a bed. While two sets of sheets for the same bed might be wise, any more than that can be unnecessary and should likely be donated or sold rather than transported to the next home.

6. Use up existing food and extra grocery items

Even though a well-stocked pantry can be perfect for extra guests that show up unannounced, it is substantially less fun to pack up and move. Rather than pay movers to bring unused food and grocery items to the new destination, consider using those items up beforehand. A box of canned goods can be heavy and must be distributed amongst several boxes so the box does not break. Save yourself time and money by using what you have and restocking again at your new home upon arrival.

7. Do a weekly donate and trash dump

Rather than allow more boxes to stack up in each room that will eventually be donated or thrown away, make an effort to take them to the dumpster or a local charity on a weekly basis. This in and of itself is a method of decluttering and can make going forward with moving less chaotic.

8. Have a garage sale

If there are items that are in good enough condition to have a “second chance,” consider having a garage sale. This not only allows someone else to make use of one of your items that is still in its prime, but it is also a good way to earn a little money that can be used to help pay for the movers or decorate the new home.

Understanding why decluttering makes moving easier is a crucial step toward having a successful experience. Instead of letting your things own you, take control of the situation and decide what should stay and what should go before moving day arrives.

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