Why You Should Hire Piano Movers Rather Than Moving It Yourself

Considering the history and emotional attachment that people have with their instruments, there’s no reason to attempt moving an upright, concert grand or even a baby grand without the help of professional piano movers. Houston, TX has no shortage of professionals ready to help, whether transferring the instrument to a neighboring room or moving it to a different area of the state.

Pianos are massive, and there are several good reasons why they shouldn’t be transported haphazardly without the proper safety precautions, tools, and skills. The two biggest considerations involved are the risks to the precious instrument and the risks to the people attempting to help.

Minimize the Risk of Damage

Scenes of concert grands smashing to the ground and splintering to a million pieces are a hallmark of children’s cartoon shows. The idea of it happening to one’s personal instrument is terrifying, and without the right equipment, the risk of something similar happening is rather high. It likely won’t be falling three stories from an open window, but damage can easily occur nonetheless.

Many of these beautiful instruments carry with them sentimental value, and they can weigh as much as 1500 lbs. Even baby grands generally weigh somewhere between 500 and 800 lbs. Any attempt at moving the instrument without the proper equipment can end badly, to say the least.

Hiring piano movers in Houston, TX is a much simpler solution and doesn’t come with the same risks. Not only are these professionals skilled and experienced, they have the right tools to ensure the safe transport of the piano from one location to the other. Plus, they have the know-how to disassemble and secure every piece of the instrument if needed to reduce the possibility of damage and the need for a tune-up following the move.

Safety Considerations

On top of the risk assumed for the instrument, there is the risk of personal injury to consider. Unless the move is to a new place in the same room, the maneuvers required to bring such a massive object through doorways and up and down stairs call for help from the experts.

The task calls for as many as eight trained professionals that all know the intricacies of navigating obstacles with care. If one tries to attempt the job without the knowledge and proper tools, one small mistake can lead to a serious injury. It’s a much safer idea to seek the help of professional piano movers. Houston, TX is home to dozens of companies that offer moving helpers. Whether transferring the entire home or just the instrument, employing a team that is familiar with the intricacies of transporting specialty items such as pianos is a must.

There are so many risks involved in employing friends and family to help move a beautifully constructed piano to a new home. By attempting to do so, one is risking the health of those who agree to help, as well as the instrument itself. It’s much smarter to hire the professionals and rest in the knowledge that the instrument will make it in one piece.