About Moving Guys

When hiring moving guys, customers are looking for efficiency, productivity, and affordable prices. Though there are many different moving companies in the Houston area, they are certainly not created equally. This is mainly because of the teams and founders behind each company have different motives fueling their services. JT Melia is one such company whose primary goal is to provide their customers with the best services available. With them, clients know that their belongings and valuables will be safe and sound throughout the entire moving process. For those unsure of how to go forward with a move, read through these frequently asked questions.

Q: Is hiring a moving company expensive?

A: The cost of a moving service depends on the company. For JT Melia, the cost depends completely on what the client needs. On the company website, customers have the option to get a free local moving quote by filling out the information form that describes their needs, personal information, and a brief description of any special instructions. Once JT Melia has this information, they will contact their customer with a quote that accurately reflects the amount for the requested services.

Q: What Sets This Company Apart?

A: JT Melia has moving guys that are unlike any others in the Houston area. This team is devoted to providing professional services to their customers no matter how big their project. Unlike other companies, JT Melia is more interested in offering excellent service than collecting fees and charging big rates. They guarantee service that gets the job done in an appropriate manner, cutting down on the stress and time it takes to move successfully. Various customers have left glowing testimonials on the JT Melia site praising their team.

Q: How Long Does a Move Take?

A: The client decides the date of the move and sets the perimeters of how long the move should take. When filling out the free quote information form, customers can add details such as where they are relocating from and to as well as any time constraints they may have. Service by JT Melia could take between a few hours and a few days. This depends upon the size of the project, the amount of distance between the two locations and the number of items that need relocating.

Q: Are There Storage Options?

A: JT Melia does provide storage options if their customers do not already have their own storage unit. Packing and materials are also available for delicate valuables that must make a long trip between locations. The moving guys at JT Melia are experts who have been working in this industry for years. They bring their skill and knowledge to every project, ensuring the protection of each customer’s belongings. – See more at: https://www.jtmeliamoving.com/common-questions-about-moving-guys-a-403.html#sthash.z9IjiEaw.dpuf