International Moving FAQ

How can JT Melia help with moving internationally from the Houston Texas area?

When the time comes to relocate to another country or continent, it is important to hire a company with plenty of experience in international moves. The job begins with a phone call to set up an in-home visit for an estimate based on the goods to be relocated. This visit is free and provides the basis for a quote.

Variables that affect moving internationally:

Rather than personally researching every requirement involved in moving overseas, one saves much time and energy when hiring professionals who assure the simplest process, with the most effective results. Some variables that affect the process include the dimensions of household goods, such as weight and size. Special items like pianos or oversized pieces require more strategic planning. Other variables relate to the location of the destination, with each having its own specific forms and customs to consider.

Differences of moving overseas vs. stateside:

When making a move to a new location within the United States, the customer can choose whether to pack and unpack their own belongings, or to leave the job to the professionals. The professionals know how to handle delicate items and keep them safe in transit, so many homeowners choose this option. When relocating overseas, the professionals may need to do the packing in order to follow customs guidelines.

Benefits of using professionals for international moving:

A professional company, such as JT Melia of Houston, Texas, has access to the proper materials for packing household goods, along with special equipment at both ends that streamlines the relocation process. Insurance, a variety of forms and permits on both ends, and storage of belongings at either location may be required services, and Melia can help with every aspect.

What countries has JT Melia worked with when moving clients internationally?

Some destinations JT Melia’s customers have moved to include Vietnam, Scotland, the Netherlands, Australia, and more.
What are the main factors that determine the costs for moving internationally?

To get the initial price for moving to an overseas location, it is best to request an in-home visit. A professional is able to estimate the weight of the items to be taken and determine the number of miles. Other costs such as fees for documentation can add 20 percent or more to the first estimate.
Professional services provide custom assistance and peace of mind.

The volume and weight of goods to be transported, the number of boundaries to be crossed, and inspections to be made, all factor into a move of this extent. The benefits of hiring a company that has experience and authority to handle all of the details of moving overseas will prove to be invaluable.