Frame Crating Services Necessary For Moving Paintings

Both home and office moves may require frame crating to get the job done efficiently and quickly. When relocating to a new home or office, individuals will want to make sure that all their most important belongings make the trip without any damage or other problems. These include the big pieces such as furniture and appliances, and the smaller pieces that add a touch of beauty and personal décor like paintings, posters, and even mounted documents or portraits. Instead of stacking these decorations in a deep container where they can suffer damage, individuals should invest in special cases that are made just for these items. They can make the journey safer for the most valuable items, as well keep the entire relocation much more organized.

What Are Frame Crates or Moving Boxes?

These specialty boxes are just what they sound like: packages specifically for mounted pictures and paintings. Most homes and offices have a variety of these decorations adorning their walls, and these items are highly susceptible to damage during transit. In order to avoid cracks, splits, scuffs, and other problems that could befall portraits and paintings, forego the deep containers for a thinner option that perfectly accommodates framed items. Such boxes are usually longer and flatter, so that paintings and pictures slide right in and fit like a glove. This makes them stackable when being packed and provides maximum room for everything else in the truck.

Where Can You Find Them?

When moving to a new home or office, it is a good idea to hire professionals who can help transfer everything safely. JT Melia Moving and Storage is one such company that has professional employees who understand what they’re doing so their customers don’t have to worry about damages, theft, or overpaying for a subpar job. With over 40 years of business experience and some employees that have been on the team for more than 20 years, customers can rest assured that they’re getting the best quality service available in Houston and the surrounding areas. At JT Melia, the professionals offer boxes of all sizes, as well as custom orders and packing materials to ensure that all belongings are secured for travel. Frame moving boxes can be found as part of a complete service package with JT Melia, or individual boxes can be purchased for do-it-yourselfers.