FAQ: Houston Residential Movers

What makes JT Melia the preferred residential movers in Houston?

There are currently over 300 moving companies servicing the Houston area, so a provider has to offer something unique to stand out in the crowd. With over 40-years in the business, JT Melia doesn’t resort to flashy signs or unrealistic promises to get the consumer’s attention. They treat customers with true southern hospitality. They have pride in what they do, and greet every consumer with a genuine smile.

How long has JT Melia been in business?

Johnnie T Melia founded the company in 1969. He knew how stressful moving was on the family, and he understood the need for a company that could reduce that anxiety. Each full-time employee has extensive experience in moving, so they treat every box carefully. The goal is to make relocating easy, and JT Melia knows how to reduce the stress of relocating.

What area does JT Melia service?

Houston is a large metro area with over six million people. JT Melia services all of the Houston area. Sugarland, Katy, Conroe, The Woodlands, Kingwood, Spint, Humble, and Cypress are common areas of service. However, they also specialize in long distance relocations, so no location is too far. They provide the expertise and customer service that ensures a stress-free journey, whether moving from across town or country,

JT Melia is the ultimate company when it comes to residential movers.

What other services does the company offer?

They provide exceptional service and competitive pricing when moving from one home to the other. The company knows the importance of transporting more than personal property. They offer the same level of specialty service to offices and commercial business. The company has experience with long distance moves, so any move is professionally executed and timely.

What about employee experience, training, and skill?

The employees at JT Melia are professionally trained and monitored to ensure the best service. All employees are full-time employees, and the turnover rate for employees is low. It is common for the employees handling your property to have over 20 years of experience and training. JT Melia sets the standards for high-quality employees to guarantee safety and professionalism.

How much does JT Melia charge?

Some companies try to give a quote over the phone or via the internet. However, an accurate and reliable quote requires a personal visit. It is virtually impossible to estimate the man hours necessary to move a household or office. An estimator arrives at the property, and after viewing the task, provides the homeowner with a written, accurate estimate. The estimate is commonly valid for a specific number of days.

What can Johnnie T. Melia do for you?

The company is the one of best moving experts when it comes to commercial and residential movers.  The company helps where it is most needed. The customer chooses the services required, so every step is customized to your needs. The company offers packing and unpacking services, packing materials, free estimates, local storage facilities, delivery and setup of unlimited items or equipment, self-haul options, PODS loading and unloading, crating services and more.