FAQs: Using Craigslist To Find A Mover

Can a homeowner use Craigslist to find a mover?

It is possible to find a moving service through an online classifieds site, but the real question is why would you want to? There is no shortage of individuals online who claim they can help people move. These guys often advertise cut rates and a reputation for national moves, but they typically neglect to reveal what company, if any, they are with.

But just like people are warned when buying anything through the site, homeowners should be wary of using it to hire moving professionals.

What are the risks in using Craigslist to find a mover?

Craigslist is designed entirely around convenience. You get in, find what you’re looking for and get out as soon as possible. This is an okay approach when buying something small like a lamp or a table, but it is not appropriate for hiring professionals tasked with moving your belongings.

The problem with picking some anonymous crew online is that they are likely untrained, uncertified, uninsured and not bonded. These are all crucial elements of a successful and reputable moving service, and if they aren’t present, the homeowner is on the hook if anything goes wrong. Homeowners often make the mistake of assuming that the police will serve as a safety net if something is damaged, lost or stolen, but this is naïve.

If there is no signed contract, and no insurance or bond is present, there is little keeping a group of people from just driving off with everything once it is in the truck. By the time a homeowner realizes what is going on, it may already be too late to get the police involved. And even if the police do help, all the crew has to do is make false claims about the agreement, and a homeowner may have to pay more. This doesn’t even take into account the kind of damage a well-meaning, but untrained, moving crew can do to a homeowner’s belongings. This damage is unlikely to be paid back as well, placing even more risk on the homeowner.

What are some better alternatives to using Craigslist to find a mover?

A homeowner should always select a professional moving crew established through the Better Business Bureau and offers consistent customer service. Using online reviews, a homeowner can get a feel for which companies in their area are trustworthy.

On moving day, what are some things a homeowner should look out for?

A moving crew should always show up with a truck that is large enough and detailed with the company’s branding. If it is not, the crew is likely working with a rental truck, and this is a big red flag. The crew should also be wearing the company’s branding in some fashion and should have special equipment with them to facilitate the job. These are the signs of a dedicated moving company that is interested in maintaining a strong reputation in the industry.