How Does A Professional Company Handle An Office Moving Job?

It’s not uncommon for businesses to change location, and this will result in a great deal of office moving. A commercial move often costs much more in labor, money and stress than a residential transport, as businesses tend to house much more material than any home. In fact, a business may contain up to four times the freight than a residence, and sensitive electrical and office equipment will require advanced solutions that the average home won’t.

There are many commercial movers that can get the office moving job done. Employees working at a transport service must undergo regular drug testing, must pass a background check, and must have access to workman’s compensation if injured. Companies are also required to hold a Motor Carrier Permit with the DMV, registration with the Texas Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, auto insurance and around sixty cents per pound of freight in liability coverage.

Moving companies are also required to provide proposals outlining services provided and the overall cost. In addition, many businesses that offer office moving own their own storage facilities. This can reduce damage done to goods, travel mileage and extra charges accrued from a third party storage center. A lot of time can be saved by keeping everything in one place.

The more experience the company’s employees have the more adept they will be at ensuring a timely and stress free transport. Before settling on a business for office moving, it is essential that the customer research the company’s background and determine whether or not it is versatile enough to handle the items requiring transport. A business run by a former worker should be an attractive choice. Several years of experience in driving, packing, storing and management in the industry will help the owner quickly come up with any contingencies should any pitfalls arise.

Experience coupled with state of the art equipment will create a superb office move. Boxes of packing supplies will be required for electronics, like electrical tape, crates, palettes, bubble wrap and insulation. In the event of unexpected movement or impact, these materials should prevent damage to sensitive workplace equipment. Any moving service worth its weight will also come prepared with heavy lifting equipment like rotating dollies, transport dollies, and toe jacks. These pieces of equipment can reach weight limits of twenty tons and navigate tight spaces.

After the items are carried from the building and packed away, top of the line transport vans and trucks handle the traveling. The vans utilize pressurized air bags instead of a steel spring suspension systems, creating much more cushion to protect sensitive computers, copiers and other electronics. These bags also maintain an even level much better, resulting in less wear and tear sustained by the goods during travel.

In addition to technology, the advantages of using a moving company include same day transporting on small moves, and usually next day transporting to further locations, within reason. A reputable and well organized service will also save the customer money and add valuable peace of mind by being insured.. With all this, most agree that a professional is the wisest choice when office moving is a necessity.