What Can Go Wrong When Hiring The Cheapest Moving Company?

Moving to a place can incur quite a hit on the pocketbook, which is why many people look for the cheapest moving company to assist them in the process. However, those that have gone that route in the past will be the first to express that many times, it ends up costing much more.

How can a cheap moving quote go awry?

Many moving companies will advertise free online quotes. That is okay if they are followed up with an in-person evaluation. Those that claim to be the cheapest moving company may try to skirt around details and engage in questionable practices by stating that the online quote is a guarantee. They never send a representative to come and do and on-site evaluation. Only to find out, that, upon delivery of the homes goods, there are multiple fees in the fine print that weren’t previously disclosed. And unless those fees are paid at the time of delivery, the items will not be released from the truck. Now the customer is forced to pay the entire amount and begin the very difficult process for recourse. Going with a reputable company from the start will help guarantee that there are no hidden fees and no surprises upon delivery of the household items.

How can a homeowner be sure they are choosing a reputable carrier?

Word of mouth can be a pretty good source in this area. However, there are other resources that a customer has access to as well. The internet is a great resource, and accessing the websites for the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will prove to be beneficial to anyone looking to hire a carrier. All the customer needs is the full business name, their phone number and physical address. With that in hand, they can research the businesses score on the BBB site, and safety records or violations on the FMCSA site. The FMCSA also lists carriers that are in good standing.

So how do those who advertise that they are the cheapest moving company seem to offer such a great deal?

As mentioned earlier, there are many hidden fees that are not disclosed until the very end of the move. Those can be, but are not limited to, the permitted distance from the truck to the dwelling. That means that if the truck is not within a set radius, there are extra charges for loading and unloading. The mileage is often mysteriously miscalculated, and now there is an extra charge for over-mileage. The weight may be under calculated. Once they have the trucks actual weight they have additional charges for the supposed extra weight. The people that they hire to handle the move have no experience in proper packing and handling of household items. Once you receive your goods, you start unpacking only to see that items may be broken. It may be very difficult to receive reimbursement for these broken items. You may even find that items are missing.

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