How To Select A Company That Is Reliable

A professional moving company is required to respond to customers’ inquiries and complaints. Choosing to hire someone that is an amateur is risking the loss of this confidence that concerns will be addressed properly and fairly. In Houston, there are dozens of businesses to choose from when preparing for a move. Taking the time to research and compare the options can prevent scams and dissatisfaction. A move is a time consuming task, with the work starting before anything has even been boxed or moved. A lot of stress is attached to an event like this, so hiring trustworthy help can do a lot to minimize the energy and time consumed by the project. Some of the main reasons that people hire professionals are for their expertise and organizational skills. Those two things factor in greatly when it comes to the ease of a stress-free move.

Choosing Reliable Movers In Houston

Houston has a lot of options, so choosing a moving company from a company that is reliable should be a priority. By investing a little time into researching a business before hiring them, a lot of stress can be avoided in the long run. Online moving reviews and testimonials from previous customers can be very informative about the work ethics, quality of moving service, and the moving companies history. The Better Business Bureau is another resource that can reveal the quality of work, and whether there have been complaints in the past.

A professional moving service or company will have a legitimate physical address. Their employees will be in uniform, while the trucks will look professional and have branding displayed. One mark of a professional is that they always distribute a FMCSA pamphlet that informs their customers of their rights and responsibilities during the process of moving. A business that fails to do this should not be trusted.

Are they properly certified? Any professional moving service or company should be able to provide documentation that they are operating legally. This includes a DOT (Department of Transportation) of MC (Motor Carrier) number that identifies them as being officially registered. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has a website, SaferSys, which allows people to look up a company based on their DOT and MC numbers. Searching their database can give a safety profile, reveal licensing information, and disclose if a business is capable of doing moves that cross state lines. Checking the SaferSys website will also reveal if they are cleared to handle certain cargo types, like household goods.

Are they part of a mover’s association? Certifications and affiliations are a way to let the consumer know that they take their job seriously. Meeting the rigorous standards required to join an association speaks to the dedication and quality of the services offered. The main benefit of hiring a certified mover is that in the event that something goes wrong, whether it is damage or injuries, everything is covered. Hiring a company that is insured and bonded is another way to cut down on stress. An uninsured amateur will be unable to cover the damages if an accident or clumsy handling should occur, but this is not a problem when doing business with true professionals.