Factors In Getting The Most Accurate Moving Company Prices?

Moving a residence or business is a big undertaking, so knowing how to find the best moving company prices can help out quite a bit. There are many variables that determine how much the job is going to run, and the bulk of the fees can be sidestepped if the client is willing to do some of the work himself. A smart client checks several things before signing anything and thoroughly vets the background of any business he or she may be considering.

A home or business owner can expect an hourly fee, assuming additional labor is involved. A client can just rent a truck, and this will cut down significantly on any fees, but it will be a much more arduous task to get everything packed, loaded and transported. Moving company prices per hour can be anywhere from $75 to $110, though people tend to get what they pay for. Nearly every operation charges a minimum of two hours for the job, so the absolute lowest the cost will be is somewhere between $150 and $220, though this is a very unrealistic estimate for several reasons.

First, if the job involves anything larger than a one or two bedroom apartment, then additional labor will be required. Most base fees only include a pair of laborers, and the rates rocket up from there. Adding just one more pair of hands can up the cost by around 30 percent. In addition, if there are any particularly heavy items that need to be loaded, there may be additional fees that are tacked on. Things like large televisions and pianos are just a couple of examples.

Most moving company prices figure in the cost of travel and fuel, but not all, and this can really add on to the final tally. Finally, if a homeowner wants everything packed and unpacked at the new location, or if insurance is desired, this will require a significant premium. All in all, a homeowner with a two bedroom apartment or home should expect to spend between $1,500 and $2,000 with full service that includes everything from packing and transporting to unloading and unpacking. A home that is larger will cost a bit more, but most moving company prices top out under $3,000. This may seem steep, but professionals can get the job done much, much faster than amateurs can, and are trained to maintain the integrity of everything while in transit.

The best way to find a reasonable estimate is to make sure the operation is on the level. All moving company prices should be determined by an in-home estimate that is free of charge and uses weight, not volume, to compute the numbers. Check all contracts for hidden fees and to get an idea of what they charge for fuel and mileage, as this varies from group to group. Because they will be holding onto priceless valuables and memories, check their background using their Department of Transportation Motor Carriers license number. This license number can be input on the Motor Carrier website, and this will bring back any useful information about the operation, including its size, past infractions and what insurance it currently has.