Questions To Ask When Searching For Sugarland Movers

Looking for movers it can be overwhelming if one is not sure what to look for. There are some questions that someone should ask while doing their search. Answering these questions will help narrow the candidate pool down considerably since only the reputable Sugarland movers will remain.

Questions To Ask A Mover

What are some red flags someone should look for when searching out Sugarland movers?

Licensing and proper certifications. Every carrier must have a TxDOT number to legally operate and conduct business within the state. They also need that number to register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and obtain a USDOT number. This number ensures the customer that the governing body over carriers is keeping an eye on things. The FMCSA governs businesses that transport goods, such as a moving company, people, like on a tour bus, or transport hazardous materials. If the carrier has any violations, lack of insurance or any other certifications, the FMCSA will post those on their website, so this website is a great tool for the customer.

Another red flag would be no logos on the vehicles, and a lack of professionalism. Fly-by-night carriers purchase used vehicles and paint them a solid color to make them unidentifiable. They will often call themselves movers or moving company without a formal business name. Any so-called representative will likely not be professional in their appearance or demeanor. In addition, these rogue carriers often insist on cash-only transactions. If while researching carriers these red flags appear, go on to the next one.

When looking for Sugarland movers, what type of additional services will a reliable company offer?

A reliable carrier will be able to complete the entire job with its own crew and not use an outsourced crew. They will also have all the necessary equipment ready to go on the day of the move. Storage should also be available. Whether it is their facility or one that they are partnered with, it is a secure location for all household belongings. Crating, packing & unpacking services are services that should be offered. This is commonly preferred for people who will require storage or are moving overseas. The carrier should have a crew that can assist in all aspects of packing, whether it is doing all the packing or only supplying the materials.

This all seems like a great deal to expect from Sugarland movers, so is there a company out there that can meet or exceed these standards?

Yes, JT Melia Moving is one such company. Not only do they offer all the above, but they also offer unlimited delivery of goods to any locale, and their own secure warehouse facility for short or long-term storage. They have the ability to place items into a pallet and seal it to prevent any dust or damage during storage in their warehouse. Their fleet consists of multiple trucks and trailers to accommodate all types of moves. They will also assist with PODS or Portables On-Demand Storage loading and unloading.

When it comes time to plan a move, whether around the corner or across the globe, make JT Melia the one and only call.