Local Houston Movers

When it comes to local moving, everybody wants to hire the best Houston mover. The unfortunate truth is that not everyone does. Too many heartbreaking stories have been told of irresponsible movers mishandling fragile valuables, rendering the overall cost of the endeavor far more pricey than initially intended. Thankfully, the aforementioned can be prevented. Below are some things to look out for when seeking the right company.

The Company’s Reputation

Reputation is vital when searching for the ideal local moving company. A good reputation can save both time and money. It is a general rule of thumb that a company who has been in a business for a while should have a decent reputation in the industry. To begin, browse through social media sites such as Yelp or CitySearch for customer reviews. Doing so will help narrow the search for those companies who have struck a good rapport with their customers. Another source to utilize is the Better Business Bureau, which will give insight into a business’ complaint status in the form of a rating.

Exclusive Services

When hunting down the best local moving company, special services are important to keep in mind. Companies will often feature these offers at a discounted price or in bundles. They include, but are not limited to, custom-built crates, packing services for busy professionals or seniors, unpacking services, “after-the-move” services such as picking up used packing materials, sensitive document destruction, and inventory management. Utilizing these offers can save time, energy, and especially money.

Whether or Not the Company is Properly Insured

Hiring a local moving company is generally less costly than interstate moving companies due to the shorter distance, but also because of the certification requirements that interstate, but not intrastate, movers are bound to by the Federal Motor Carrier Association (FMCSA). As such, it is imperative to make certain that the local company under consideration is adequately insured and reputable.

Cost Analysis

It is a misconception that lower rates equal lower net costs. A proper course of action would be to gather estimates from multiple companies with the intention of establishing the ideal local moving company that fits the budget. When a selected mover stops by the house to take an assessment and provide an estimate, keep a list of estimates from other companies to act as leverage during price negotiations. Remember that rates are typically determined by the weight of inventory transported during the move. Another thing to keep in mind are the fluctuation of rates. Companies will often raise their prices during popular moving seasons such as summertime, and during weekends as opposed to weekdays.