Moving Services in Houston Texas

When searching for a moving service in Houston TX, there are many things to keep an eye out for. There are hundreds of companies in the city that advertise their ability to relocate clients, but not all businesses have the same level of expertise, the same set of skills and all of the documentation required to operate legally. It is possible to find reputable professionals online, but a homeowner should be ready to vet any moving company he or she is considering.

A brief online search will turn up several options that are favorably rated by people in the city. While it is always risky to completely trust online reviews, a homeowner should select a few from the list that have overwhelmingly positive responses from prior customers. A moving service in Houston TX should have many years of experience, as it takes decades of working in the industry to streamline the internal logistics of a moving business. Before contacting anyone, make a list of a few promising prospects, and consider talking to real estate agencies in the area for a couple of suggestions. Real estate agents often have to hire out relocation professionals, and they will know which are the best to deal with.

Call around to anyone on the list, and request an in-home moving estimate. Any moving service in Houston TX that is worth consideration will happily provide this for free, and any business that insists on dealing over the phone or online exclusively should be avoided. While it is possible to get a rough figure without dealing with a representative in person, it is impossible for the company to hand out an accurate estimate without seeing how much work will need to be done first. This is especially true if they will need to help out with packing also.

Request a copy of all contracts and paperwork while each representative is surveying the property, but don’t sign anything until there is ample time to review everything. While it is highly unlikely that any moving service in Houston TX will try to wedge hidden costs into the fine print, it is good to know how the business derives its collection of fees. While the representative is at the home, request their Department of Transportation number also.

All moving specialists should have a solid set of credentials before they are hired, and this includes a DoT license number that is current. They should also have an appropriate level of insurance to cover everything they expect to carry and then some, including workers compensation for the laborers. If they do not have this, the homeowner may be liable if something happens. Finally, a moving service in Houston TX should have the proper certifications to perform specialized relocations – for example, if the job is expected to end in another state or country. The only way to verify that the DoT number is legitimate is to visit the Federal Motor Carriers’s website. On this site, the DoT number can be checked, and if it is current, the site will return all of the relevant information about the business, including the insurance it is carrying, its certifications and any citations or violations it has received in the past. Armed with all of this information, the homeowner can make the best choice to handle their move.