Speciality And Custom Item Moves

The process of moving takes weeks of planning and preparation. However, the entire process can be very complex, especially when a family has accumulated items over many years. Specialty items, such as recreational tables, large family heirlooms, instruments and appliances can be especially difficult due to the fact that some of these items can be very large or fragile, adding complications to an already stressful task. Professional moving companies have the knowledge and expertise to move these items carefully and efficiently so a family can begin unpacking and get settled at their earliest convenience.

Moving large recreational items like pool tables, trampolines and pianos are nearly impossible without professional movers and the necessary equipment.

Pool tables must be skillfully disassembled before moving, as many of the parts are easily scratched and damaged. After disassembly, pool tables are lifted on to a truck, the entire process typically requiring multiple people. Taking a pool table apart, transporting it, and putting it back together again can be very tedious and strenuous, and it may be best to leave the job to experienced movers. Other recreational tables (table tennis, air hockey, Foosball) can be moved in a similar fashion.

Trampolines are usually taken apart prior to a move due to their sheer size. After detaching all of the springs around the trampoline mat, parts can be individually wrapped, packaged, and loaded into a truck.

Pianos must be moved with great care, as its parts can be damaged very easily. Grand and baby grand pianos require dollies that wheel the piano on its side to be loaded in a truck. Pianos tend to weigh a lot, and should be handled by experienced professionals to avoid injury.

It may be better for some items to be crated and stacked into a moving truck rather than simply placed among the other items. This practice protects the items from damage and maximizes the space in a moving truck.

In general, heavy, fragile items such as grandfather clocks and front-loading washers are crated for protection from other items in the truck that may move around during transportation. Both items can be transported using sturdy dollies.

Grandfather clocks are typically disassembled in preparation for a move, either by a moving company or the family themselves. To disassemble a grandfather clock, each moving part of the clock must be carefully removed and individually packed, including the weights, pendulum, shelves, and decorations. Then, each piece should be wrapped in a protective blanket and crated or placed securely in a moving truck. A washer may be loaded on its own without a crate, but great care must be exercised to make sure the washer is secure and any controls or dials are not damaged during the move.

Marble tabletops are usually crated as well, as the common practice of draping them in moving blankets can be insufficient for protecting the tabletops against any kind of damage. Usually, it depends on the size of the tabletop and the amount of space in the truck. If the marble tabletop is small, it would likely be wrapped in a blanket and loaded normally, as crating would be unnecessary.

Safes are not typically crated, depending on the type of safe. Safes are usually loaded as-is into a moving truck using a special dolly called a “safe jack” that can mechanically lift the immense weight of the safe. Some light disassembly may be required if the safe is too heavy, as much of the weight of the safe is in the door. After the door is removed, the safe and the door can be loaded separately.

In many cases, specialty items often come with many parts that can be hard to be replace if lost. These parts should be organized and loaded separately to prevent confusion. Furthermore, all specialty items, whether or not they are crated, should be appropriately secured within a truck with ropes or cables to prevent damage during transportation, as many fragile and valuable items can move around or fall and break during the trip to the new destination.

For a family, moving everything they own can be a daunting, seemingly impossible task. Professional movers can keep their belongings safe and secure while they focus on building a new life in a new home.