Statewide Movers

Not many moving companies qualify as statewide movers, as it takes a lot of resources and experience to coordinate long distance jobs. From Houston, a moving crew capable of a full range of services should be able to facilitate clients transitioning to cities around Texas, including San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Corpus Christi and others. And it’s no secret that Texas is a huge state, so these moves may cover hundreds of miles and many hours of driving. That’s just driving, as there’s plenty to do before and after the truck is on the road. With so much to consider, a family that wants to make a smooth transition to their new home will need a moving company that has done plenty of experience and a solid reputation.

Decide on Statewide Movers Carefully

There are many moving services in Houston (and in any major Texas city) that claim to offer assistance to other Texas cities, but not all of them can follow through on this promise. Consider that at any one time, there are hundreds of families moving to and from every city in Texas, and it takes a lot of resources to make all of this happen. A small, inexperienced outfit can easily stretch itself too thin in allocating crew members and trucks to multiple jobs, a twofold problem that has to do with the company’s lack of logistical prowess and lack of resources.

An experienced moving company, such as one that’s been around for decades, will be able to forecast its equipment and crew needs accurately, so when a client makes an appointment with a reputable service, they know that the crew will arrive on time and with the equipment they need to get the job done. But what, exactly, can an experienced moving company offer that others cannot? Consider the following:

  1. A long distance mover can provide an accurate, detailed estimate that does not leave the client guessing. It may seem convenient to get an estimate over the phone or by e-mail, but those kind of estimates often underestimate what the client will pay, and sometimes by thousands. A reputable long distance mover will inspect the property beforehand to ensure everything is accounted for and that the client has time to review all paperwork before committing. This way, there are no surprises.
  2. Reputable statewide movers can provide point to point service, and facilitate every part of the job. This means helping the family with packing, loading, driving, unloading and unpacking. Reputable movers will even help with setting up furniture and ensuring all difficult to handle items are put in their proper place.
  3. Experienced movers make communication a priority, so they will remain in constant contact with the client. This is an underrated part of making a move, because families don’t have the luxury of waiting an extra day or two for their belongings, and communication ensures this doesn’t happen.
  4. Knowledgeable Texas movers know how to navigate around major cities in the state, like Austin, Dallas and San Antonio. This familiarity will be essential for scheduling the move, as the company can avoid peak traffic times and busy roads. It will also be essential for executing the move, as the crew will be much more likely to arrive on time and ready to do their job.

Credibility and skill are what a client gets when they hire an experienced Texas mover, and these traits will be extremely valuable to a family going through major changes.