Statewide Movers

Texas is more than 268,000 square miles, which means that statewide movers cover a lot of ground. In Texas a move within state lines can equal a move across multiple state lines in other parts of the country, so it is critical to make sure you have confidence and trust in the professional moving company you select.

Why Choosing Reputable Statewide Movers Is Important

Moving is a normal part of life for most Americans, with the average person moving approximately eleven times during their lifetime. For the majority of people, many of these moves can be within the same city to different types of dwellings, such as upgrading from an apartment to a house. These moves typically do not require traversing many miles and may not last more than a morning or afternoon. However, this is not the same scope of work for statewide moves.

The two key considerations for Texas statewide moves are:

  1. How many miles will need to be covered
  2. How much time will need to be dedicated to traveling

For example, a move from Houston to San Antonio can take up to five hours driving time and is roughly two hundred miles. However, a move from Houston to El Paso can take roughly ten hours or more driving time and covers an estimated seven hundred fifty miles.

For some Texas statewide moves, the time traveling could exceed that which is required to pack up the moving truck itself. This means that individuals should feel comfortable with the movers they select from a moving standpoint and a driving standpoint since a lifetime of personal belongings are in that truck.

5 Things to Look for in Statewide Movers

While some of the things an individual should look for in a mover will not change regardless of the distance they are moving, some will and can be fairly key distinctions. When it comes to choosing a company to assist with statewide moves, be sure to look for the following before signing on with them.

1. Experience with statewide moves.

Choosing a moving company with years of experience with statewide moves can make all the difference because they will be more comfortable traveling busy or country highways and be better at navigating alternate routes when necessary, should there be an issue with traffic or road closures.

2. Good driving record.

When the moving truck is filled with a lifetime’s worth of memories and personal belongings, verifying a good driving record is essential. Items should be packed in a way that they are well protected, but poor driving should not put it to the test. Verify how many statewide miles the company drives on average each year.

3. Solid employment practices.

Many movers today will hire people to help with labor on a contract basis, meaning that they are not actively employed with the moving company. It is wise to choose a moving company that directly employs their workers and also performs thorough background checks.

4. Proper licensing.

Ensure that the professional moving company you are considering is licensed with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. Be sure they have an active TxDMV certificate on file. Movers who drive large trucks in Texas should also have a CDL license from the Texas Department of Public Safety. Be sure the trucks have the company name and DOT number clearly displayed.

5. Sterling reputation.

One of the best barometers for determining if a certain moving company is right for you is investigating their reputation among previous clients and within the moving industry. This information can be extremely helpful in forming an opinion about a company.

Statewide Mover Services

A company who is experienced in statewide moves should have a great deal of experience and have the process somewhat perfected in terms of planning and then executing the move. At a bare minimum, statewide movers should offer most of the following services:

In person estimates.

While estimates that are done over the phone and online are often viewed as convenient, they also have a reputation for being grossly inaccurate. This is typically because the person calculating the number of boxes and pieces of furniture may be doing so incorrectly. A reputable moving company should come to an individual’s home, tour each room, and be able to provide a more accurate estimate.

Mileage and time estimates.

Determining what has to be moved is only half of the statewide moving equation. The other half is estimating the mileage and time required. It is essential to have this information so it is clear how much the company is charging to transport items for “x” amount of mileage and/or time. Having this pricing upfront can help prevent unexpected sticker shock later.

Packing services.

Most moving companies offer but do not require their clients to take advantage of packing services. This can be a helpful feature for moves that require a particularly fast turnaround or for those individuals who may be unable to pack for themselves.

Box and furniture moving.

The movers should be willing to move all standard boxes and furniture pieces. Some particularly delicate or large pieces may also be moved by the company but may require special equipment or procedure, which often is the case when it comes to moving safes and other large or fragile items.

Piano moving.

Not all moving companies will be willing to transport a piano, and for those that are, it is critical to ensure they understand the unique protections and equipment this instrument requires.


Although most moving professionals offer driving as part of the statewide moving package, clients are encouraged to ensure that the company and its employees will be the ones transporting the contents of the moving truck.

Unpacking services.

An unpacking service should also be optional for clients. This can be instrumental in getting an individual or family settled in a little faster.

When it comes to choosing statewide movers, keep the above considerations in mind and do not be afraid to ask questions. By equipping yourself with important information and enlisting the help of an experienced and reputable professional moving company, it can make the process more pleasant from move out day to move in day, regardless of the distance.