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Affordable Houston Storage Services

Are you looking for Houston Storage services with affordable rates? JT Melia has got you covered. You can find our storage solutions at 2527 Fairway Park Dr. Houston, Texas 77092.

Long and Short Term Storage Services

Sometimes homeowners need a bit of extra storage space for their belongings. For example, a family might be moving to another state and find that they need some temporary space to keep items safe and secure until moving day. Or they might get to their new place only to find that it’s not quite ready for the household goods. In other cases there may simply not be enough room in the new house for all of the belongings. In any of these scenarios, secured storage services can handle the excess stuff.

Importance of Storage Services

When moving, things may not quite go as planned. Certain items may not fit through the front door or the new place might not be completely ready. Storage services can be a great tool for helping a move go smoothly. Consider a situation in which a family has already closed on the sale of their house, but have to wait a week or two for the new place to be ready. Using our Houston storage services to hold onto the items in a secure location until the new house is ready is ideal.

Storage services aren’t only for last-minute emergencies, though. They can also be useful for keeping certain items for longer periods of time. They can be instrumental in decluttering projects or in keeping excess furniture that may be sold after a move. Collectors may find these services especially useful as they’ll be able to maintain their collection without taking up extra space in the home.

Long Term Storage

Long term storage has several uses, and virtually anyone can benefit from it. Some of the ways one might use storage units include the following:

  • Renovation of a home or office
  • International moves
  • Downsizing an office or commercial building
  • Moving, particularly when move-out and move-in dates don’t quite coincide
  • Commercial moves
  • Holding on to collector items and valuables such as cars, art, etc.
  • Securing family heirlooms or items with sentimental value

These services are designed to keep items safe and secure, making them great for keeping valuable items.


One vitally important item to consider when selecting a storage service is security. The company chosen should have plenty of experience and a high sense of integrity when it comes to handling their client’s items. Personnel should be on-site during business hours and the facility should be locked down at night. The security systems themselves, including locks, alarms, and so forth, must be kept in good repair and up to date. When selecting a storage service, ask the company about the security measures they have in place.

Security is not only a matter of theft prevention but also of proper packing. Items need to be packed and sealed in a way that prevents damage from rust, weathering, dirt, movement, etc. This requires experience and proper packing materials.


Naturally, storage services should provide plenty of space for the items to be stored. The palletized storage containers provided by Johnnie T. Melia Moving and Storage come in a variety of sizes, allowing clients to rent just as much space as needed. This helps save money on storage costs. These vaults are capable of holding a great deal, in some cases up to a thousand pounds, so there is plenty of space for personal belongings.

Preparing Items For Storage

Some items need to be prepared for storage in order to prevent damage. Certain appliances like washers and dryers, for example, need to be drained of all water to prevent rusting. Furniture should be wrapped in plastic to prevent any moisture or dirt from soiling the pieces. Oiling hinges on furniture and appliances will also help prevent certain types of deterioration.

Choosing the Right Houston Storage Company

Storage services are incredibly useful, but it’s important to choose a company that will handle the belongings with care, keep everything secure, and provide enough space. We have over 50 years of success in Houston for having dependable storage services. Integrity is a vital part of this, and a good way to assess that is by looking at how long the company has been in business. If they’ve been around a while, it’s likely they can be trusted. A long track record is also evidence of skill in the industry, so choosing a company with a good reputation and longevity is important. As an agent for National Van Lines, we have access to storage all over the United States.