Moving Checklists Helps Stay Organized

When moving belongings to a new home a moving checklist will help ensure everything stays organized. Often times items are unfortunately lost all the time during a relocation, and to make sure this doesn’t happen, many people keep a record of which belongings go in which room of the home or office.

Many transport businesses will inventory the household for the homeowner as a part of their services. They pay close attention and keep a detailed file of the home’s layout and the inventory of each room. Even with this, though, some homeowners may wish to put together a moving checklist of their own. In addition to a written list of important items, some people elect to make a video of the items as well.  This is always a good idea as it can be a valuable aid in the insurance process if something goes wrong in the process of relocating.

Another moving checklist worth putting together would be a list of questions for any potential business the homeowner considers hiring. Ask about a quote and how the final price is calculated. The best and most accurate quote will often be given after a company representative has come to the home in order to see exactly what they will be dealing with. Ask if there are any specials available, especially if the chosen date falls on a weekday. Many will offer lower prices during the week as they aren’t as busy. Do they have specialists available for handling any tricky items in the home, like a piano or safe?  Having the proper training and equipment to handle bulky or extremely heavy items is a must. Can the company transport goods across the country or overseas? While some can assist in transporting a family or business anywhere in the world, many don’t have the resources to do so. It is important to know this information ahead of time if it is a concern. Taking the time to add important questions to the moving checklist can be a great way to cover all the bases.

Occasionally, a family may need to leave something behind, like certain pieces of furniture or appliances. These may possibly need to be stored at another location, and may be forgotten about if a moving checklist of these items isn’t compiled and given to the business prior to the big day. Many movers have storage facilities available for storing items that will be delivered at a later date.

There is likely going to be a lot of stress involved in the relocation, and things may slip through the cracks during all the pandemonium. This is why it is always good to keep a written record of anything pertinent to the relocation, and to keep it nearby when it’s time to make a decision on who to work with. This will help a family make the transition much more smoothly.

Advanced preparation can make sure that there are no major regrets later. An accurate record can be a life saver when it’s time to hit the road.