Moving Tips

Residential Moves - What You Need To KnowMoving is a hard thing. It is never fun or easy. And, often there is a new something attached to the move that will require an adjustment, new house, new job or new start. With our nearly 40 years of experience, who better to provide tips that will make moving day easier? We have launched our Moving with Melia video tips where Brandon Melia will tackle moving tips that will help your transition be smooth and surprise free.

Of course, there are some basic tips we can provide that will help you move and adjust to your new home. Planning is essential to having a smooth move. If you have months to plan, it will give homeowners time to clean out their home and not have the moving company just relocate household items that should have been put in the trash.  So our first two tips include plan your move ahead of time and don’t move the clutter.

Don’t Be a Statistic

Every year, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) receives thousands of complaints regarding moving companies, and choosing the wrong service can cost someone a lot of money, or their precious belongings. But with some diligence and some thorough research, major complications can be avoided.

There are a few things you can do though to help avoid issues. By finding a reputable mover, this should eliminate many challenges if you do the following things. Just seeing a truck around town, does not mean the mover is reputable.

Get a Real Quote

To get the best moving quote always request an in-home estimate and don’t trust a professional that won’t offer one. The only accurate estimate is an in-home estimate, as this allows the company to thoroughly evaluate the space and take note of everything that is to be handled. These estimates are much more detailed than estimates delivered over the phone or on the web, and they also give the company a chance to display their professionalism. If a service is not willing to provide an in-home estimate, that likely says something about their professionalism.

Investigate the company’s background

The best way to do this is to request the company’s Department of Transportation (DOT) license number, which is required for any motor carrier. The DOT number can be used on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) website. This will give the homeowner a clear picture of the company’s insurance, the number of trucks it operates, its certifications and any recent infractions. This information can provide valuable insight into any company being considered. You can reach the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles

Check the Better Business Bureau

Checking with the BBB is an easy first step in verifying that a company is legitimate. Customer feedback is tracked for many years through the BBB and this can provide an indicator of the company’s reputation, either positive or negative. Visit JTMelia’s BBB Page

Let the Moving Company Pack

A full-service moving company can safely pack a house full of belongings and load them, ship anything that can’t be transported by truck, provide special crating for fragile or oddly shaped items, offer storage when there is overflow, and set up furniture and unpack items at the new location, if the client chooses to utilize each of these services.

Things Houstonians Should Not Forget

When you live in Houston, there is one major thing that makes life bearable in the summer months, A/C, and as you know, moving during a Houston summer can be difficult. There are a few things you should not forget.

  • Remember to sign up or move your electric service. Often you will need the service at both locations, and many of the electric providers in Houston will make that happen for their customer. It all depends on how your move is scheduled, but if you are able, we would recommend turning the utilities on a few days ahead of time. This way you can be sure to avoid mix ups and you aren’t left without power at your new home, which makes things far more difficult.
  • Trash service is also a must. From the first minute you arrive at your new home, you are going to have trash. Also, before you move find out if you need to purchase new trash cans for your new home. Sometimes the city of Houston provides cans. But there are sections of Houston where they do not use city trash service and you may need to provide your own cans.
  • Make sure you have cash on hand or know where the ATM machine is in your new community. You will need cash to tip the driver.
  • See if you can make appliance deliveries before you move in. The refrigerator is very hard to live without should your new home not have one. If you are leaving your old one behind or are a first time home buyer, its always good to see if you can get appliances delivered before move in day. If you have children that will need milk that must stay cool, get a cooler and fill it with ice to store these items while you’re in transit to your new home. The movers try to accommodate these situations but sometimes it’s just not possible to move the refrigerator first. Even without small children, cold water is always advisable when moving on a hot summer day.

Overall we all know moving can be a pain, but by employing a few tips and picking the right moving company, this can help you have a smooth, trouble-free day, with  a lot less stress as you start life in your new home.