Save Money On Your Move: Pack

One of the surest ways to reduce the cost of a move is packing for the movers before the day of the job. It isn’t necessary for a homeowner to do this, as professional moving companies can safely load anything a homeowner has, but it does afford the homeowner some measure of control. If the homeowner knows they will need certain items as soon as they settle in, it may make more sense for the homeowner to handle the boxing. If there is a particular way a homeowner wants things organized, this is another reason someone may want to take charge. Whatever the reason, there is are some things to keep in mind when boxing your belongings.

How should homeowners approach packing for professional movers?

Above all else, it is essential that the homeowner use quality materials when boxing everything away. It doesn’t matter where the boxes come from, just as long as they are double walled, dry and not visibly damaged. There’s nothing worse than picking up a box full of dishes and having the bottom collapse, creating an avalanche of broken dishware. This is why it’s better to avoid cartons that are in the trash. You’ll never know just how sturdy these boxes are. If you want to be completely safe, purchase materials from a moving company.

Buying boxes from a relocation company is also smart because you’ll have a better selection available to you. If extremely fragile items like mirrors will need moving, there are special boxes made just for them.  Wardrobe boxes will keep clothes organized and away from dirt. Moving companies also offer special boxes for electronics and dishware to protect them during transit.

Once all materials are together, the hard work can begin. When putting everything in boxes, be realistic about how much weight to load into each box. It may seem like fewer boxes will speed up the relocation process, but if they are particularly heavy, it will take the professionals longer to get them in the truck. Also, keep in mind that when a homeowner decides to handle packing for the movers, the homeowner is responsible for any damage due to improper packing. If the boxes can’t handle the weight, the homeowner will be responsible for the resulting damage.

To minimize damage, individually wrap all fragile items in bubble wrap and secure them tightly in boxes that have some sort of packing material. More bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts are preferred but balled up newsprint can serve in a pinch. However, using newsprint puts the items at risk of taking on ink stains, so don’t use it with any items that are susceptible to staining.

It is also best to group items by the room they are found in and box them together. This will ensure the professionals can more quickly unload everything and put it in its proper place.