FAQ: Moving Safes

This form of storage has with one thing in mind – security. They are extremely bulky and are impossible for a single person to handle. This makes sense, as you wouldn’t want to leave all of your valuables in an easily accessible container. This extra security does make moving more of a challenge, however.

What are the challenges with moving safes?

Bulk and weight are the two primary concerns when moving a security container and this challenge increases if the client is living above the ground floor. These containers are extremely difficult to maneuver around stairs or tight corners as well so it may have to be extricated through a window to accommodate the safe.

Why should professionals be brought in when moving safes from the home?

Because they are so heavy and bulky, these containers are extremely dangerous for a single person to handle on their own. If the absolute worst case scenario happens and the container falls over on an individual, there will be no help available. In general, though, a single person isn’t going to have much success when trying to carry a safe around.

Professionals that have experience moving these containers will be able to approach the job with safety and efficiency in mind. Equipment is essential during these moves, and professionals are going to have the necessary equipment.

What kinds of equipment will a professional use when moving safes?

It depends on the type of container and where it is in the home, but these moves typically require the use of a pallet jack or appliance dolly. A pallet jack tends to be safer and faster, but an appliance dolly is a better choice when dealing with stairs. Some professionals also prefer an appliance dolly when dealing with taller containers like gun safes, but it must be used with straps to prevent the container from shifting around.

Professionals also have leveling devices to ensure the container is sitting on a flat surface once placed. A wobbly container is a crushing hazard and will lose structural integrity faster, so it must be level. Special strips can be wedged under the container and torn off when the safe is level.

Does JTMelia have experience handling heavy items like these?

JTMelia has facilitated all kinds of moves, including ones involving pianos or security storage. Our crew is licensed and insured, which is essential when working around dangerous items like these containers. JTMelia has offered special moving services for decades, so our professionals know the best way to move a safe. We can even lift the container through a high window if necessary.