FAQ: Hiring Cheap Movers In Houston Texas

Why do so many people select cheap movers in Houston, Texas when moving?

When looking for a moving service, price should not be the deciding factor, but it often is for homeowners. Low rates may seem like a bargain at first, and companies with low rates may seem easier to deal with because they don’t formalize a moving agreement. For a homeowner that wants the absolute minimal hassle, this may be an attractive choice. However, deals like this often become a nightmare in the long run.

What are the dangers of selecting cheap movers in Houston, Texas?

The problem with companies that charge extremely low rates is that you often get what you pay for. Unlicensed moving companies typically consist of a handful of guys who rent out a truck for temporary use. This means that the workers don’t have safety training, often aren’t aware of how to protect household items and may be working with an unsafe vehicle. This may not seem like a concern, but it often results in damaged and misplaced goods.

This is made more complicated by the fact that unlicensed workers almost never carry insurance for carried goods. It’s unlikely that an untrained crew will have the knowhow to load properly and secure everything onboard the truck. This will inevitably lead to damage, and the homeowner will have no recourse when seeking reimbursement. Unlicensed moving services answer to no one and are often not listed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or any other agency. Though it is illegal to transfer household goods without a license, it is usually highly difficult, if not impossible, to hold unlicensed workers accountable.

There is also no fraud protection when choosing unlicensed workers. There is little stopping an illegitimate carrier from stealing everything on the truck, hiding it somewhere and extorting the owner for more money or just keeping the goods outright. While the police can help when this occurs, it may be weeks before coming to a resolution and by then, the owner’s goods may be sold, never to be seen again.

How much damage is done by untrustworthy moving services every year?

Every year, the BBB receives around 10,000 complaints against moving companies, most of them regarding damaged and misplaced items. There are also hundreds of claims every year against movers holding things “hostage.” Together, this costs homeowners hundreds of thousands of dollars every year in damaged and missing items.

How can a person avoid the poor service offered by cheap movers in Houston, Texas?

Make sure that any mover you are considering has a Department of Transportation license number. This is the number the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) uses to reference moving services. The FMCSA maintains a thorough database of all licensed companies on its website. This site can be used to verify that the company has insurance and that it is certified to handle household goods.

Intuition can also play a significant role when looking for reputable workers. If a company doesn’t have a physical address, is difficult to contact or isn’t willing to provide an in-home estimate before the move, these should be considered major red flags.