Separating Cheap Houston Movers From The Professionals

A city as large as Houston has dozens of businesses competing to offer their services, but separating the cheap Houston movers from the professionals is something that can be done with a little preliminary research.  Anytime one is placing belongings, money, and faith in the care of strangers it is important to determine if the business is legitimate. A business that is capable of offering drastically lower prices than their competitors may be cutting corners in some area of their service. The most likely case is that they are lacking the proper insurance or licensing. Some guys with a truck are not the equivalent of a professional moving company, and each year dozens of people have to face scams and damage to their belongings before that lesson is learned. Sometimes the low prices that are quoted are actually drastically inaccurate estimates, and customers are surprised with extravagant charges later. In the end, the prices that cheap Houston movers advertise are not worth the risk or the possible complications.

The Federal Department of Transportation has a branch, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, specifically focused on registering and overseeing the businesses that conduct moves in order to protect citizens from scams. USDOT and MC numbers, which are assigned to each business of this type, can be input on to find information on any reputable company. Details like whether they are authorized for hire, their inspection records, and the cargo types that they are allowed to carry can be found there.

One easy give away to a lack of professionalism is if a business fails to supply customers with a pamphlet informing them of their rights and responsibilities. This seemingly small act is required by law and all reputable businesses make sure to abide by it, but cheap Houston movers may not.

The difference between cheap Houston movers and true professionals may be something as small as training. Although it seems like moving items from one place to another is simple and intuitive, this is not truly the case. Professional moving companies go through extensive training to familiarize themselves with the current safety regulations and moving procedures. This includes proper lifting techniques, and how to maneuver large, awkward items out of doorways and down stairs without causing damage. No one wants to have furniture mangled, or damaged door frames due to clumsy amateurs. Professionals know how to pack boxes into a vehicle in a way that maximizes space, resulting in fewer trips and lower costs. Careful packing methods do more than economize the capacity of a vehicle, they also decrease the likelihood of items being damaged in transit. Another characteristic of a professional moving company is that they recognize the importance of organization. In order to conduct the undertaking in the smoothest way possible, a schedule will be set and maintained, and each box is carefully labeled in order to accelerate the unloading and unpacking process.

The best method of protection is not to trust cheap Houston movers, but to find someone in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. Check to see what sort of industry affiliations they have. They will only be certified if they meet certain criteria and maintain industry standards with the merit of their work.