Service Areas

Houston is  enormous and spread out. It covers almost 10,000 square miles and is the third largest city in the United States. But that doesn’t mean that someone needs to confine their search for movers in Houston to a certain part of the metro area. Many companies can handle a moving a client no matter where the property is located in the area or where in the city someone is moving.

Really, when looking for a mover, the goal shouldn’t be speed or finding the cheapest. Instead, the search should center around finding an operation that is professional and comes with all of the insurance and licensing that proper movers in Houston should have.

Review sites and The Better Business Bureau should be the launching off points. It’s easy to find dozens of companies that appear to be on the level this way, but that shouldn’t be the only layer of protection that a client takes advantage of. Reviews can be biased or outdated and even BBB data represents a conflict of interest as many members pay dues. An operation that is looking to defraud its clientele is probably not going to stick itself on public directories for scrutiny, so merely being listed on the BBB’s site is a positive sign, however. A client that wants to be completely sure they have a good operation on their side will need to dig a little deeper, though.

Locating the best movers in Houston means talking to the people that rely on them the most, this can include friends, family, colleagues, and real estate agencies. Real agents don’t have time to mess around with anyone who isn’t doing their job right, so they’ll know who to turn to when needing a reputable business. After a fairly sizeable list is together with these recommendations, it’s time to make the rounds and get a feel for each of them.

When contacting each company, don’t settle for a quote over the phone, because it likely won’t match the final cost once the relocation service has everything packed into the truck or in a storage facility. Instead, ask for them to make an estimate only after visiting the property. Reputable movers in Houston won’t have a problem with doing this. Make sure they know of everything that will be expected of them on the big day, including any extremely heavy or bulky pieces. Some furnishings may require more man power or special equipment to transport it without damage or injury. The only way to get an accurate quote is for them to know of these items ahead of time. The estimate should be in writing and read thoroughly for any fine print. If something doesn’t sound right, contact a company representative to clear up the matter. Have them provide any changes in writing for maximum protection.

Once each of the prospective movers in Houston are interviewed and the quotes are gathered, go over each of them to determine who is the best fit. This can be done according to price or the personal interaction with the company representative. Choosing the right company can make all the difference in the end results.