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Galena Park sits on the east side of Houston, between the downtown skyline and several bays and lakes. It’s a working class town that offers many quiet neighborhoods without feeling isolated from everything. As such, it’s a popular place for professionals and families, and particularly those that work in the energy industry.

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Things To Know When Moving To Galena Park, Texas


Most of Houston’s communities have a long history, but Galena Park’s is one of the longest. The first family to settle in the area was the Issac Batterson family, and they did so in 1833. Just a couple years later, there were more families moving to the area, and the settlement was named Clinton.

For decades, Clinton was a farming and ranching community, but like many early Houston settlements, it became a railroad stop in the late 19th century. This transformed the town into one that was more economically competitive, and it wasn’t the last transformation. Just after the turn of the century, Clinton started developing in response to the emerging petrochemical industry.

In 1935, Clinton’s residents attempted to set up a post office, but the attempt was denied because there was already a Texas post office with that name. In response, the town was renamed Galena Park, for the Galena Signal Oil Company of Texas. It was the first company to build a refinery in Galena Park, and today, the energy sector is still a major part of the community’s economy.


Galena Park is close to several major shopping centers and malls, including some of the most luxurious malls in the city. Among them are:

  • Macroplaza Mall – The Macroplaza Mall has gone by a couple of other names, but it’s remained a community staple for years. There are plenty of apparel stores here, some service stores and an interesting mix of restaurants, including several Tex-Mex spots.
  • New Forest Crossing – The New Forest Crossing shopping center is a few miles northeast of Galena Park and it’s where residents can find everything for their general home needs. There are several major department stores, as well as youth clothing stores and several places to grab a bite to eat.
  • The Galleria – The Galleria is on the other side of the 610 Loop, so it’s further away but still easily accessible. It’s also the premier luxury shopping destination in Houston, with hundreds of upscale clothing, jewelry, technology and hobby stores. There’s also an ice rink, a full service hotel, an indoor playground and lots of office space.


Galena Park Parks and Recreation
1302 Keene St.

Galena Park residents can get to most of Houston’s major parks with relative ease, but there are a few local parks and recreation buildings nearby. Some of the standout parks include:

  • Galena Park Sports Complex, Galena Manor Park and Alvin D. Baggett Community Center – These three parks and recreation buildings make up Galena Park’s local recreation options, and they are complete with playgrounds, picnic areas, baseball and soccer fields, indoor exercise areas and sports courts, and more.
  • Herman Brown Park – Herman Brown Park is just north of Galena Park and is much larger than the smaller urban parks located inside the town. There are several nature reserves, along with walking trails and ponds, playgrounds, picnic areas and a softball field.

Other things to do in Galena Park

Galena Park is just outside the 610 Loop on the east side of Houston, so it is close to downtown and to the outer edges of Houston, where there’s more space to roam around. There’s a lot to do in the area, and here’s a small sample of things to do:

  • There are a lot of golfing opportunities in Houston, and several courses are within five or so miles of Galena Park. Some of them include the Texaco Country Club, the Gus Wortham Golf Course, the Houston Golf League and The Battleground Golf Course.
  • Just to the east of Galena Park, in Channelview, is the Battleship Texas and the San Jacinto Battleground historic site. The Battleship Texas participated in both World Wars and is now a popular destination for history buffs and families.
  • Further east, on the other side of the bay is Pirates Bay Water Park, which is a recent addition to the area and part of a larger recreation and sporting complex. It’s a perfect spot to cool off and enjoy long summer days.
  • Galena Park is conveniently located in relation to downtown Houston, which means it’s easy to make a quick evening trip into the city center for an MLB, NFL or NBA game.
  • Downtown Houston is also home to several world class cultural attractions, including the ballet, symphony, opera and the expansive Houston Theatre District, which is one of the largest in the nation.
  • Don’t forget the food. There are a variety of cafés, eateries and five-star restaurants to try in and near Galena Park.

If Galena Park sounds like your dream neighborhood, hire a Galena Park moving company like JTMelia and start your relocation today. With the help of professional house movers in Galena Park, you can make your move stress-free and efficient. Spend less time moving and more time exploring all that this vibrant community has to offer.

Helpful Information for New Residents

Galena Park Police Department
2207 Clinton Dr.

Galena Park Fire Department
1713 2nd St.

Vehicle registration

Driver’s license offices

Galena Park School Districts

Galena Park Independent School District
14705 Woodforest Blvd.
Houston, TX 77015
(832) 386-1000