Houston Movers

One thing that moving within Houston will accomplish is the awareness of economic stability and growth. According to Forbes, Houston is “America’s Economic Miracle.” Any place in Texas is a great place to live, but Houston offers so much in the way of education, employment, and enjoyment. The Medical Center is at the heart of cancer and heart disease treatment and research, and Texas Children’s Hospital is renowned on a global level. There are so many things to do and see in H-town that they are too numerous to provide a comprehensive list. The Houston Symphony, museums, the famous Houston Zoo, the food, and more, all add up to a city that is teeming with culture and life. The city is only 60+ miles from historical Galveston Island on the Gulf Coast, and a scant few hours from the beauty of the Texas Hill Country. In short, Houston is one of the best places to live and raise families in the entire country.

Current Trends on Moving Within the Houston Area

Living in Houston has a number of benefits as described above, and many people stay here once they arrive. However, at some point, most people want to upgrade their homes or neighborhoods, and begin to contemplate moving. Anyone committed to doing the smart thing and moving within Houston has a lot of options open to them. It is a big town, but one does not have to go far to find an excellent home in a superb neighborhood. Plenty of beautiful and secure suburbs are perfect for a family with children. Houston has some of the top-rated school districts in the state and the nation. An excellent education is available from kindergarten through college. Singles or young marrieds have the option to move into the downtown area and take advantage of incredible lofts and high-rise apartments all within walking distance of work, arts and entertainment, and the hot Houston nightlife. Then there is Midtown, close to the Galleria, and home to a variety of night spots and upscale restaurants. For a small town feel within the big city, there is University Place, which is inside the “Loop” and close to the medical center and downtown. Below is a list of six neighborhoods that stand out.

Popular Areas to Move Within the City of Houston

  1. Montrose – No story about moving within Houston would be complete without mentioning the Montrose area. An older neighborhood with a rich history that is approximately four square miles in size, it has become a mecca for young professionals. It is considered to be an artistic community with a bohemian flair. It is close to downtown and St. Thomas University. Enjoy renovated condominiums, small cottage type houses and a number of apartments. Discover trendy bookstores, neighborhood coffee houses, and plenty of shopping.
  1. The Heights – The Heights is among the fastest growing areas in Houston. It is close to Montrose in proximity and is enjoying the same sort of comeback. A short commute from downtown, single-family homes are affordable and popular with creative professionals as well as artists and musicians. There are lovely parks, community swimming pools, and lighted sports fields, which make it attractive to young families as well.
  1. West University Place – The small town in the big city. While it has its own local government and police force, it is very much a part of Houston. It also has zoning laws which keep the area genteel and quaint. It is close to the prestigious Rice University and about 15 minutes from the downtown area. It is adjacent to Houston’s renowned Museum District, Hermann Park, and the zoo. Long the choice of professionals and the upwardly-mobile moving within Houston, it is prime real estate and ideal for families with kids.
  1. Downtown – The Downtown area is the heart of Houston and the primary business district. For years, it stood deserted on the weekends as the suburban commuters headed home on Friday and didn’t come back until time for work on the following Monday. In recent years it has enjoyed a reinvigoration. There has been an upsurge in vibrant nightlife, urban condos, and spacious loft living in repurposed historic buildings. Young professionals moving within Houston who do not need a yard for the kids can enjoy the upscale, very modern and conveniently located to work high-rise apartments and ultra-cool lofts. The Bayou Place is a vast entertainment complex; there are hundreds of restaurants and nightclubs and the 20 block theater district which is home to the Alley Theater. The Astro’s Minute Maid Park and the Houston Rocket’s Toyota Center are both located downtown, as well.
  1. Bellaire – Here is another individual town within the greater Houston area. It is close to West University and enjoys many of the same traits. Older homes have been replaced with expensive, upscale, custom houses. The schools are excellent, and it is still a relatively short trip to downtown.

Those moving within the Houston area will find everything they need regarding comfortable living. Whether moving from out of state or simply across town, Houston neighborhoods are an ideal destination.