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Splendora is about 30 miles northwest of downtown Houston and is surrounded by parks, preserves and lakes, but it’s still close enough to the city for commuters and families that want the perfect blend of a quiet home setting that’s close to a variety of attractions and opportunities.

Mover In Splendora

Moving to Splendora is best managed with the help of a professional mover in Splendora. Splendora is further out than many other Houston satellite towns, and a moving company that knows the area will be invaluable. An experienced mover can take on any or all parts of the move, including packing, loading and unloading at the new home.

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Splendora’s history goes back to the late 19th century. Back then, the Houston, East and West Texas Railway (which would later become the Union Pacific Railroad) decided to set up a spur road. A spur road branches off of a larger, more important road. Though only a small addition to the railroad, the new spur road would attract people to the area, especially after a general store was built in the area in 1883. Just before the turn of the century, in 1896, the town changed its name from Cox’s Switch (Charles Cox was the person behind the spur road) to Splendora, to illustrate the town’s floral beauty.

In 1966, the town was incorporated and today is home to about 2,000 people. It’s a popular destination for outdoorspeople and families that prefer a little distance between themselves and the city.


Splendora is located between Cleveland to the north and Humble to the south. There are places to shop in both neighboring towns, and they’re both within easy driving distance from Splendora. Some of the nearby shopping options include:

  • Downtown Cleveland – Cleveland is tucked into the north Houston forests, and though it’s not a major town, it does have several important stores for people living in Splendora. They include an H-E-B and a Walmart, along with several smaller shops. Cleveland is a convenient place for Splendora residents to shop, as it’s only a few minutes away.
  • Deerbrook Mall – Deerbrook Mall is the shopping center of note in Humble, though Humble has plenty of grocery and commodity stores to choose from. The mall has many clothing, jewelry and footwear shops, as well as plenty of places to snack or dine.

Parks In Splendora

Montgomery County Parks Department – Precinct 4
23628 Roberts Rd.

Splendora is ideal for people that like to get out and get moving, as there’s plenty of room to do so. Some of the largest parks and nature reserves in the Houston area are within 10 miles of Splendora. Some of them include:

  • Lake Houston Wilderness Park – Lake Houston Wilderness Park is one of the largest nature reserves in the Houston area, and it sits at the northern tip of Lake Houston. There’s a lot of boating and fishing opportunities here, of course, but also some excellent camping and picnic grounds. There are also several hiking trails that cut through a heavily wooded forest, and they can offer up some picturesque scenes during the autumn.
  • Sam Houston National Forest – Splendora is only 10 or so minutes away from Sam Houston National Forest, which is one of four national forests in Texas. It’s massive, with more than 250 square miles of camping, fishing, boating, hunting and hiking areas. It’s a popular destination for anyone who enjoys just about anything regarding the great outdoors, and the forest is home to an important species of woodpecker (red-cockaded woodpecker) that has spent time on the endangered species list. Today, with the help of the forest, it has rebounded to a large extent.

Other things to do in Splendora

While the outdoors factor into much of what Splendora residents enjoy, there’s more to the area than the wilderness. For example:

  • There’s a lot of golf in north and northeast Houston, as there’s a lot of open space for course development. Within 10 miles of Splendora, there are several golf clubs and courses.
  • Splendora just opened up a new splash pad, for kids and kids at heart. It’s an easy way to beat the heat on a hot summer day.
  • Because there’s room to roam, there are a few educational farms within easy driving distance to Splendora, giving parents something mentally and physically interesting for their children to do.
  • Houston itself has a lot to offer, and you don’t have to go far into the city to experience world-class dining and entertainment, from the city’s performing arts to the successful sports teams.

Helpful Information for New Residents

Splendora Police Department
26090 FM 2090 Rd.

Police Department

East Montgomery County Fire Department
19870 FM 1485 West

Vehicle registration

Driver license offices

Splendora School Districts

Splendora Independent School District
23419 FM 2090
Splendora, TX 77372
(281) 689-3128