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Pearland moving companies have their hands full helping people move to the area, as it is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. According to the 2010 census, Pearland’s population exploded from 2000 to 2010, expanding by a whopping 142% during that time. That made Pearland the 15th fastest growing city in the U.S., and there are several reasons for the distinction. But no matter why a family chooses to move to this Houston suburb, it will take an experienced moving service to get the job done right. Moving can be a complicated affair, especially when moving over a long distance or from another state.

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Pearland is a Gem

The suburb sits directly south of downtown Houston, resting just outside Beltway 8, which a lot of Houstonians consider to be a primary boundary between inner and outer Houston. It’s a convenient location for people that need to regularly commute or travel into the city center. It’s also a convenient location for people that don’t want to be caught up in the thick of Houston’s bustle. In short, Pearland appeals to a wide range of people, but why it draws people is more complex than just location. There are several reasons why Pearland has become a popular destination for families and professionals, alike. They include:

  1. Economy – It’s no secret that Houston’s economy, overall, has done well in the last several years. Even when the national economy was at its most fragile state, Houston remained stable, and Pearland is among the areas that benefitted from that stability. The number of jobs in Pearland has nearly doubled from 2000 to 2008, and many of those jobs are involved in important industries, such as the oil & gas, medical and aerospace industries. Some of the area’s most active petrochemical plants and refineries are located within easy driving distance to Pearland, which makes it a popular spot for professionals working in the field.
  2. Health – Houston has some of the most advanced medical facilities in the world, and most of them are located in the city’s Medical District. The Medical District is about 10 miles away from Pearland, so patients requiring long-term care may find a move to Pearland to be in their best interests.
  3. Education – In addition to having a number of excellent primary and secondary schools, Pearland is also within regular commuting distance to Houston’s two best-known universities. They include the University of Houston, which enrolls more than 40,000 students, and Rice University, which is one of the most selective universities in the nation. With the Medical Center nearby, Pearland is also close to several medical schools, including the prestigious Baylor College of Medicine.
  4. Activities – Sometimes, people move to a major city just because they want to be closer to the action. Pearland gives families the space they need to feel comfortable while offering an impressive range of things to do. The Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, for example, is located in the heart of Pearland, and is a must see for anyone interested in NASA or astronomy. The Museum District is a short drive north from Pearland, and features some of the most comprehensive science and art museums in the country. And, of course, downtown is within reach, and downtown-area entertainment options are diverse, ranging from major sports to performing arts.

Pick a Reputable Pearland Mover for the Job

There’s a lot to like about Pearland, but getting there can be a chore if the right mover isn’t selected. Moving to a new city, especially over a long distance, is a significant commitment and deserves a lot of consideration.

A full service moving company, or one that can handle everything from the packing to the unloading, will have control over the move from start to finish. It goes without saying, then, that a family should prioritize choosing movers they can trust. But who, exactly, can a family trust to move their belongings safely and efficiently? There are dozens of moving companies in the Pearland area, but not all of them can be trusted with the job. To find the ones that can be, it’s best for a homeowner to do the following:

  1. Only consider movers that have worked in and are familiar with the Pearland and Houston areas. Experience, more than anything else, is an indicator of whether a moving company can be trusted or not. Moving services that don’t do a proper job don’t last long in the industry, and those that have been around for years have proven that they know how to handle their clientele with care and skill.
  2. Only choose a mover that is willing to provide an in-home estimate. Phone and e-mail estimates may seem like the convenient option, but in-home estimates are much more accurate and will allow a family to plan their move with greater detail. In-home estimates also allow clients to review fees and any paperwork relevant to the move, ensuring there are no surprises come moving day.
  3. Make sure the moving company is officially recognized through the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Department of Transportation (DoT). In fact, verify that the company is in good standing with both. The BBB lists any ongoing disputes between the company and its customers, and grades the business accordingly. The DoT assigns a license number to all motor carriers, and using this number as a reference through the DoT will give the homeowner a lot of valuable information regarding the company. This should be enough to verify whether the company can be trusted or not.

With a reputable company assisting with the move to Pearland, a family can rest easy knowing that the job is in safe hands. With this peace of mind, a family can plan their new start in Pearland without having to stress out about the small details on moving day.

About Pearland, Texas

Pearland is a city on the rise, ranking first among Texas cities’ retail growth for the last three years. Its population has increased exponentially in the last 30 years as Houston commuters sought a more relaxed, easier way of life. In 2015 alone, the city grew by 4.5%! Its great schools and proximity to the big city and the Gulf of Mexico make it an ideal place to raise a family.

52.3% of Pearland residents have earned a bachelor degree, and the median income is $105,806, 75% higher than the national average. Easy access to the Texas Medical Center means that Pearland is home to many of the medical professionals working there.


The seeds of Pearland were planted with a depot as part of an 1856 railroad charter for a line running from Houston to Columbia in Brazoria Country. The line didn’t fare well in the Civil War, but the tracks changed hands several times with Pearland eventually becoming a siding switch on the new line between Galveston and Houston, where Galveston’s mail was sorted.

In 1892, Polish nobleman Captain Withold von Zychlinski bought 520 acres along the railroad with the vision of a town. His agents planted fruit trees to attract settlers and filed a plat for the town of Pear-land in 1894. They invited cold Midwesterners to come on down and grow pears, and soon enough the railroad was bringing the people in and taking their produce to market. The roads weren’t too great at the time, so everything coming and going traveled by rail. Its primary importance to the people of the area made the depot the local gathering place, and the growing village sprouted up around it.

A second boom began in 1910 when the Allison-Richey Company advertised the town as a garden to grow oranges commercially, and then came the fig boom. With the advent of the car and weather-related damage to crops, however, the railroad lost its relevance and closed the depot to passengers in 1972. The town raised money to move the building off the railroad’s land to preserve it, and in 1980 it finally landed where it lies today, home to the Pearland Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitors Bureau.


Houston’s world-class shopping sprawls to the north, but you’ve got lots of choices right here in Pearland, too.

            Pearland Town Center

Highway 288 at FM 518


For a comprehensive list of boutiques and other shopping options, visit


Pearland Parks and Recreation


Other Things to Do around Pearland

Pearland’s easy access to Houston’s freeway system puts the city’s culture and resources close to home, but Pearland has developed other activities that are fun for the whole family (and just the adults), too.

  • Space Center Houston is less than 10 miles away! Here you’ll find interactive space shuttle flight simulators and educational programs about the storied history and bright future of the famous Johnson Space Center, home to NASA’s manned missions (
  • Learn about the history of flight, and check out restored aircraft at the Lone Star Flight Museum (
  • Eat some fabulous seafood, and enjoy the festival atmosphere at the Kemah Boardwalk, just down the road.


  • gives Pearland Independent School District A+’s in Academics and College Prep and an A in Diversity, also ranking it in the top 3% of Texas school districts.

Helpful Information for New Residents

Pearland Police Department

2555 Cullen Parkway


Pearland Fire Department

2703 Veterans Drive


Electric service

Pearland is served by a variety of retail electric providers. The state offers an objective, non-profit website where consumers can search and compare electricity rates from a variety of providers according their zip codes. Visit

Vehicle registration

Brazoria County Tax Assessor-Collector


Driver’s license offices

Pearland Independent School District

1928 North Main Street


Pearland Chamber of Commerce

6117 Broadway