Preparing For A Move To Tomball Texas

If one is looking for information on a good place to start fresh, a Tomball moving guide could come in handy. Tomball, Texas is a city located in the Southeast corner of Texas, with a population hovering upwards of 10,000 people. It is 37 miles north of Houston and 210 miles east of San Antonio. The city was established in 1907 and boasts a rich history rooted in the oil, railroad, and natural gas industries. This wealthy history paired with its proximity to Houston has given the city the opportunity to obtain a larger city vibe in a smaller, rural town setting.

The city itself continues to become a little more suburban everyday but still retains its small town appeal. The population is made up of 46% of men and 54% of women, with 73% of those people being Caucasian and the other 27% coming from African American, Hispanic, and Asian descent. The median income of the average household is $40,496. Also, the average age of the city’s inhabitant is 39 years old, with a solid mix of young and old. It is a quite safe area with an overall crime rating of 270 (Average U.S. city crime rate is 302), allowing for peace of mind. As far as education goes, the High School was nationally ranked in Newsweek Magazine’s 2010 America’s Best High Schools list, and if one is looking to acquire a higher education, then Lonestar College would be a smart choice. All stats vary depending on the year, and it is best to pick up a Tomball moving guide for the best up to date estimates.

A Tomball moving guide not only brags about the city itself, but also the fact that Houston and its entertainment is only a 45 minute trip away. This includes catching a Houston Rockets, Texans, or Astros game, all respectable professional sport teams. If sports isn’t ones thing, then there are a variety of museums to pick from including The Houston Space Center, the Museum of Fine Arts, The Holocaust Museum, the museum of Natural Science and many more. Hungry? Stop by one of the nationally famous restaurants such as the Baba Yega or American River Oaks. If none of that suits your fancy then there are still a number of options including the House of Blues, The Downtown Aquarium, and the Galleria, with over a couple hundred shops and restaurants.

Outside of the big city, Tomball itself also is well equipped with enough amenities to keep all ages interested and busy with something. Almost any Tomball moving guide would show activities including golf, disc golf, paintball, kayaking, hiking, biking, art exhibits, nature reserves, annual festivals, and ghost tours. The city is also known for its beer breweries, country cooking, and homemade desserts.

If one is looking to move to the area, they should consult a Tomball moving guide to fully comprehend the variety of benefits the city offers while also being aware of the downsides of the area. At the moment, the city is quite eclectic, with a mixture of big town hype and small town appeal, but is starting to become engulfed with the big city.