Having A Moving An Office Checklist Helps Reduce Stress

When it is time for moving an office a checklist can make the move a lot less stressful and decrease damage to property. Any type of move is an anxious time for employees and management, but with correct planning it is a breeze. Planning the move in advance is the first step to putting everyone at ease, and the cost will be a lot lower if reservations are made. While every situation is as unique as the business, there are common steps that can get everything running smoothly.

Want to hire a professional moving expert? Start looking for an expert as soon as possible to guarantee a reservation spot and the lowest rates. It is important to decide how much of the move will be handled by the expert and how much will be carried out by company staff. There are lower rates for reservations made in the middle of the month and week so try to schedule a second or third week move during a weekday, while avoiding holidays). An expert must be licensed and insured, so ask for verification that licenses and insurance is carried. Remember, it is not enough to simply trust a moving expert. Get the license and insurance information, and then verify the information.

When moving the office a checklist helps make things easier, and one good idea is to remember to inform employees of the move. Workers can get stressed about a new address, but telling them in advance lets the information sink-in before the big day. Keep the employees involved in the upcoming change by offering incentives for assistance provided, or give them a day off following the change. There are plenty of ways management can get workers excited about moving.

One suggestion for a moving an office checklist is to remember to contact clients, customers, and suppliers of the change of address at least a month in advance. It may be a good time to announce a moving sale, or simply offer a discount at the new location to get those customers coming through the door. If the new address is difficult to find, add a map to a postcard. Update website information, and use the website to announce the move.

Some employees may prefer packing and unpacking their own things while others may want the expert to handle everything so try and cater to the employees wishes. Be sure to mark each box carefully and clearly, and pack the items securely to avoid possible damage to property. When moving the office a checklist does help minimize property damage because it provides conformity and accountability.

Arrange to have cleaners come into the old building and do a thorough cleaning, and do not forget to do an inspection on the new building before the move, taking note of any damage. There is quite possibly a deposit and reputation to be saved by guaranteeing a good, clean property is left behind.

Before moving to the new property, have all of the utilities switched from the old address to the new, and order new stationery and letterheads with the new address. The switching of utilities can be seamless if prepared for in advance, but be sure to turn on service at least one day before going to the new location and to turn off the service at least one day after leaving the old one. Moving an office with a checklist that includes this detail will help prevent any lapse in service that may arise from poor planning.