When Should Vault Storage Be Used?

With an estimated fifty thousand plus storage facilities already in operation in the United States, the demand for storage continues to grow. However, the high cost of storage rates has many turning to the often more affordable option of vault storage. Know your options and the pros and cons of each option before making the important decision of where to store the pieces of your life.

What Is Vault Storage?

One option for those individuals that require a storage facility is vault storage. This method of basic storage includes putting items into a large wooden crate that is closed with clamps. This enables a moving company to more easily move and stack crates of belongings with the help of a forklift.

Vault storage is typically recommended for individuals who will not need regular, repeated access to stored items. The manner in which vault storage works can make it a great option for temporarily storing items that will not need to be accessed for weeks, months, or sometimes years.


When Should Vault Storage Be Used?

Vault storage is unique from other methods of storage in that it is not designed for clients to periodically access their belongings. Vault storage may be a particularly smart option for individuals facing the below situations:

House renovations

If having renovation work done in a portion of your home, the items in that area will likely need to be temporarily displaced to facilitate progress. By putting these items in vault storage for several months, it will give the crews room to work and keep the rest of the home from being overrun with furniture and knickknacks.


Homeowners needing to eliminate clutter before putting their house on the market often need a place to store their belongings until it is time to officially move. A reputable moving company can come collect the items a homeowner wishes to be stored, take them back to their warehouse and put them in vault storage. When it is time for the individual to move to their new space, the moving company can move both their vaulted and non-vaulted belongings.

Overseas transfers

Individuals who are being transferred overseas for work typically do not take all of their belongings with them since the assignments are largely temporary in nature. Vault storage allows the person’s belongings to be stored away until a time that they permanently return to the United States.

Benefits of Using Vault Storage

Aside from the obvious benefits of having a location to store unneeded items, utilizing vault storage may also offer some of the below benefits:

Packing Delegation

Professional moving companies are already in the business of expertly packing and moving things. Vault storage allows individuals to turn their storage items over to a moving company who can then pack the items in a wooden crate with precision and care.

Cost Effectiveness

Generally, vault storage is a less expensive option than that of a self-storage facility. It allows users to pay only for the space needed rather than spending additional money on predetermined spaces that may not be the right size for their specific needs.

Limited Access By Others

Most vaulted storage crates are stored in a moving company’s warehouse, which is normally accessible by only a select few people.

Facility Monitoring

A reputable moving company should provide around the clock surveillance seven days a week, three hundred sixty-five days a year.

Theft Deterrent

In a self-storage facility, an individual’s belongings are typically scattered about inside of a garage type unit which, if accessed by trespassers, could facilitate thievery. However, vault storage’s method of wooden crates that are clamped shut and often stacked with the aid of a forklift inside of a company’s warehouse makes theft more trouble than it is worth.

If you require temporary storage of items and will not need regular access to them, consider speaking with JT Melia Moving today to learn more about vault storage.