When Should Vault Storage Be Used?

Vault storage may be a new concept for people. People often turn to storage units or portable on demand units (PODS) when they are between homes, going overseas, or have irreplaceable items. This storage option can be used in all of those instances, and for other circumstances as well.

What are some examples of using vault storage?

Between Houses

In booming housing markets where new builds are on the rise, or in more sluggish territories where homes aren’t moving as fast, people are using these units as an alternative to other facilities. These units are useful when a house has valuables or has too many items for it to show properly. The high-end items and things that are in abundance can go inside one of these units for safe keeping until moving day.

Irreplaceable Items

Some things are invaluable. Wedding photos, historical family documents, antique jewelry, heirloom items, and many other things cannot be replaced. These are all items that should be kept in a secure place. They can come out when needed and then be put back in a safe location for future generations. This includes things mentioned above, as well as artwork, furniture pieces, or even wills, deeds, and trusts.

Moving Overseas

Many companies are sending their employees abroad for short-term and long-term assignments. These same companies may offer furnished housing units for the employee to stay in while on assignment. There are also many residents who rent out furnished housing options making it unnecessary for people to drag their belongings across the Pacific or Atlantic for a short period of time. Depending on the length of time that someone is on assignment, it often makes sense to rent out their home, but most people don’t want to leave their personal effects in the home while they are overseas. This is where vault storage can be a huge asset. All of one’s personal belongings can go into storage and stay safe for the duration of their assignment.

Why use vault storage over other options?

Vault storage is ideal for items that won’t need to be accessed on a regular basis. Having items packaged in nondescript crates keeps them secure and safe from prying eyes.

These units are also under heavy surveillance and monitored 24-hours a day all year round. So there never needs to be a concern that thieves will come in and steal or destroy the items inside the vault.