Why Movers Boxes Are Different From All Others

Moving a home full of goods can be a tough endeavor, which is why most professional movers use special boxes to ensure everything arrives safely. They aren’t just stronger, they are resistant to various forms of damage and come in many shapes and sizes, allowing for neat packing of nearly anything. Of course, a family can make use of these containers on their own, but a trained, experienced team will be able to use them to maximum effect. And these professionals can provide additional services as well, taking out all of the stress normally associated with transitioning to a new home.

Why do professional movers use special boxes during their moving services?

For a hurried homeowner who just wants to get the process over with, picking up discarded or old containers from restaurants and department stores may seem like a cheap solution. But the problem with these containers is that they aren’t made to hold up under a lot of weight, nor are they engineered to last during long stretches of travel and a lot of handling. There’s nothing worse than a container giving out as soon as it is picked up, spilling belongings everywhere and resulting in damaged or broken items. This is an unacceptable outcome for a professional crew, so they use special containers to ensure it doesn’t happen.

Every moving company has its own materials, and JT Melia employs some of the most durable containers available. Each one has multi-walled cardboard that is designed to resist pressure so multiple containers can be stacked on top of each other. This is something that you can’t count on from random containers gathered from various sources. JT Melia’s containers are also resistant to liquid spills, so if something leaks during transit it won’t get everywhere or disintegrate the box.

Professional movers also have special boxes of various shapes. It’s not just for looks either because their unique designs mean the containers can be loaded and stored more efficiently, and they can better protect anything stored inside of them. For example, a wardrobe container is made to hold onto clothing, including dresses and suits. They are usually made with a bar for easy hanging and are extra-tall so that they keep the clothing from dragging or wrinkling.

Other containers include those designed to hold dishware, mirrors, pictures, and even televisions. Containers designed for mirrors, pictures and televisions come in a variety of sizes and are slim so they can slide into tight, secured spaces. They are designed to prevent sliding and jostling around, which could cause a fragile item to crack. Dishware containers come with extra padding and are usually segmented into a number of smaller compartments. This keeps the glass or ceramic from crashing into each other and shattering while in transit.

In addition to these special containers, JT Melia also provides packing supplies that reduce shock so a homeowner never has to worry if their things will arrive intact.