About Web Site Author – Brandon Melia

Brandon Melia is the Vice President of Johnnie T Melia Moving & Storage and the son of the company’s founder and owner, Johnnie T. Melia. Brandon has worked with his father since he was 21 years old, even while balancing college courses at Kingwood Community College, University of Houston and the College of Biblical Studies.  He started at the bottom, helping his father in any capacity he could, and steadily moved up until settling into his current position as head of marketing. Brandon credits his education and his father with providing him the leadership needed to head JTMelia.

Brandon is proud of the company’s stature in the community, starting with a single moving truck in 1969 and growing into the impressive moving and storage operation it is today. Brandon and his father are also proud of steering the company through two recessions, relying on smart business practices and dedicated service to customers. Even after 45 years of doing business and expanding into interstate and international services, Brandon and his father are still focused on customer service in the Houston area. This tireless service extends to all parts of JTMelia and Brandon has personally overseen many local, interstate and international moves. In the future, Brandon expects the company to expand into a larger warehouse and to open offices in Austin, San Antonio and Dallas.

Brandon has lived in Humble, Texas for nearly his entire life and currently calls the town home. He and his wife Ingrid will celebrate their fourth anniversary on April 16th and are the proud parents of their only child, Sophia. They’re expecting their second child in late July. Brandon likes to play golf, basketball, jamming out on the drums, reading and is known for spending hours at a time with his nose in a book. Family is imperative to Brandon, so he spends much of his free time with his loving wife and daughter. – See more at: https://www.jtmeliamoving.com/authors-t-18.html#sthash.FkeBYFCo.dpuf