Safes – How Do You Move Them?

Moving in and out of an apartment, house, or office can appear to be an easy task that can be completed by just about anyone, until it comes time to move a safe. It’s easy to pack things in boxes and then onto a truck or trailer right? Unfortunately relocating a large and bulky item like a safe requires a little more time and effort.

Safes are going to be heavy, regardless of their size. When it comes to larger ones, like those that house guns, they can easily weigh hundreds of pounds. It’s going to take special equipment to relocate the item, and a team of people with experience should be chosen for the task.

Equipment that will be necessary includes a heavy-duty appliance dolly with straps that are made to handle large appliances like washers and dryers, refrigerators, and filing cabinets. Straps are required to hold the item in place while it’s being transferred. This is especially important if stairs or several multi-leveled surfaces are involved.

The experienced crew will have the right amount of people around when getting ready to move a safe. Depending on the size, it may take five to six people to move it. There needs to be enough people not only to move it, but also to address any issues that may arise during the process and ensure that injury to people and damage to property can be avoided.

A professional service will also have a truck or trailer with more than adequate towing capacity and space in order to transport the piece. They will know how to load it quickly and efficiently. Getting the safe into the truck or trailer and then out again can be the most difficult part of the process.

Once it has reached its new location, it’s important to note the path needed to move the safe into place. Detailed planning is essential for the heavy piece. An experienced professional moving company like JT Melia will be able to handle the move with ease. They have decades of experience and can be trusted to do the job right.

Finding the right moving company to move a safe is very important. A professional team will have the know-how, experience, and tools necessary to move the piece successfully and in a timely manner.