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Moving a business from one location to another is no small undertaking, which can make finding the highest quality Houston office movers one of the most important parts of an office move. Hundreds of offices change locations every year, and not all of them would recommend their movers. By doing some simple investigation and research up front, businesses can be better positioned to choose a moving company that can make the experience positive and successful.

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Top 10 Considerations For Finding The Highest Quality Houston Office Movers

Finding the highest quality Houston office movers is not as simple as blindly choosing a listing from online search engine results. To protect your business and the integrity of the move, it is crucial to remember these top ten considerations for finding the highest quality Houston office movers:

Preparation Planning

Particularly with office moves, the more complete preparation planning is, the smoother the move goes. Reputable moving companies should have a coordinator who can facilitate the process by adequately preparing and training a business’ employees to pack safely and efficiently.

Mass Moving Capabilities

Before selecting a company to move your office, it is crucial to ensure they have the capability to move an entire building’s worth of office furniture and supplies.

Packing Services

For those businesses who prefer not to have employees pack up their own offices, reputable moving companies offer packing services as well.

Dismantling Crews

A moving company should have a crew available to quickly and carefully dismantle cubicles and similar workstation units.

Unpacking Services

Businesses need to keep conducting business, regardless of anything else going on. Unpacking services allow business to get back to normal as quickly as possible.

Installation Crews

These crews are instrumental in assembling, installing, and relocating cubicles and desks in an office’s new location. Most moving companies offer this additional service.

Moving Rates

A number of different factors can go into moving rates such as zip codes of office locations, the amount of items to be moved, and any additional services like packing or unpacking. Businesses should insist on receiving a quote before the move takes place, ensuring that the moving contract accurately reflects the agreed upon amount.

Storage Capabilities

It is not uncommon upon reaching a new destination that some businesses find they have more office furniture than they have space for. In these instances, a moving company with the capability to store excess furniture is a valuable partner.

Licensing and Insurance

It is best for a business’ protection to select a mover that is both licensed and insured.


Look for a company accredited by the American Moving and Storage Association, as to receive this distinction, moving companies are generally required to meet a predetermined set of industry standards.

What To Do Before The Move

There are some things businesses may want to add to do their pre-move to do list to make sure moving day goes quickly and smoothly, including:

Examine the office’s current lease

Most of these documents detail specifically any ramifications from property damage that happens during the course of a move. Be sure to communicate these details to the office moving company you select.

Communicate early and often

Whether it is with employees, a community partner, or an office supplier, it is important to let these entities know of a business’ impending move so they are able to adjust accordingly.

Consider the new space

It can be easy to get so caught up in moving out of the old office space, that the design of the new office space gets pushed to the back burner. Create a thorough plan for the new office including layout and IT installation. Some companies choose to hire an interior designer to facilitate the new office design.


Consider if the new office space will require any special equipment or new furniture. Arrange to have those items delivered to the new office shortly after move in.

Prepare to transfer services

Most companies enlist the help of additional services such as cleaning, landscaping, and security. If a business wishes to transfer some or all of these services to the new office location, it is crucial to give advance notice so that new contracts can be drawn up.

By finding the highest quality Houston office movers ahead of time, the process can be smooth and stress-free. If an office move is in your future, consider contacting JT Melia Moving and Storage Company for a consultation and estimate.