Difference Between An Office Moving Company & Home Movers

The biggest difference between an office moving company and a residential transport business is in the type of items they are usually hired to move. There also require different forms of insurance and tools to match the items they are taking care of. Each business offers unique services, ranging from logistical planning to furniture disassembly and reassembly, packing and other miscellaneous tasks. They will normally provide a website to display these offers, as well as credentials, referrals and other key information. There are a few steps one should take in order to protect themselves from scammers. An office moving company has a higher degree of liability, as they are often handling very expensive computer and office equipment.

One service that is generally offered by businesses is logistical planning. This includes highly technological coordinating between the office moving company and telecommunications, internet and phone service providers to thoroughly arrange the best moving time. They offer assistance with disassembling and reassembling furniture, and this is often incorporated into the planning phase. This helps determine the proper parking materials and the amount of time required to complete the transport. They are responsible for the amount of downtime experienced by the business, so this means they will attempt to match schedules as closely as possible to any moving dates. Because this is not always feasible for a business, they offer storage units to house items. They will also pack the materials efficiently, so as to use as few boxes as possible, and then load them into their vehicles. Transportation assistance includes moving the boxes in and out of the truck and to the destination.

When trying to nail down an estimate, it’s best to only deal with operations that will provide a breakdown only when visiting the home. Don’t accept any numbers based on volume instead of weight.

The movers qualifications are important to look into. The average business requires a year of experience, at the very least. They should be licensed and using their legal or Doing Business As name. An office moving company should be verified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and shown in the SAFER database. Interstate businesses must provide a valid Department of Transportation number or Motor Carriers license number. However, intrastate moves must provide a licensing demanded by the state’s regulations.

Credentials are equally important when choosing the best business. One can quickly locate information on most businesses online, and their website should post their business’ name, address and phone number. The SAFER database will divulge their experience in commercial moves, truck sizes, DOT and MC numbers, licensing information and ratings on their capabilities. To be extra certain, some customers cross reference them with the Better Business Bureau, as they have documentation on reviews, complaints and other key information.

While there are small differences between a residential mover and an office moving company, one should still be sure they are using the best possible business for their move. There are an abundance of websites that are available to assist one in background checking a company.