Business Moving Services

Business moving services are something a company should seek out regardless of whether they are moving within a few miles or out of the state. These professionals will help pack furniture and other belongings to transport it from your old workspace to the new one. Choosing a reputable moving company can put owners, stockholders, and employees more at ease, making a transition more seamless, with less downtime required.

Who Needs Business Moving Services?

For many companies, a business move is simply part of the journey. While the moving part of the equation remains relatively the same, some of the most common reasons a business moving service is used include:

  • moving locations to a new building, either locally or long distance
  • downsizing to a smaller space
  • upsizing to a larger space

Regardless of the reason for the change in location, moving can be a stressful and overwhelming event for businesses as it represents a huge investment of time, coordination, and possible downtime. Fortunately, working with a business moving service can minimize many of these issues.

What Does a Business Moving Service Do?

A business moving service is often a special feature offered by a professional moving company. It is designed to assist with tasks specifically related to businesses transitioning from one space to another. While every company’s needs are different and may not require all of the services a business moving company may offer, the most common services include:


This is the first and perhaps most integral step of a business move. By having a company representative work closely with a moving professional, together they can proactively identify the logical steps needed to take the transition from start to finish as seamlessly as possible.


Whether it is packing an entire conference room or individual cubicles, moving professionals can handle it. The expertise of a professional comes in to play as they are able to ensure that items are wrapped, taped and labeled, and that boxes are packed with even weight distribution. This ensures all your company furniture arrives at the new location in the same condition you left it in.


Business records and files with sensitive information need to be kept secure. Professional movers experienced with business moves have processes in place to keep files and records in order, without compromising security.

Disassembly and Reassembly.

The movers may have to disassemble some furniture prior to loading it, and if this is necessary, they will also need to reassemble the furniture once it’s in the new building.

Load the moving truck.

This service can seem deceptively easy to onlookers watching a box being loaded onto a truck, however, the elevators or staircases these box carriers had to maneuver before getting to the truck should be considered. Some cumbersome items such as large desks or cabinets can be difficult to transport out of a building and may require special accommodations. Business moving services move these objects on a regular basis and should already have the knowhow to do so effectively.

Driving to the new location.

Once all the boxes and office furniture has been packed onto the moving truck, an experienced driver will take the load to its new location.

Offloading furniture and unpacking boxes.

Once at the new location, the movers can begin moving the boxes and furniture into the building. When it comes to unpacking, business moving services can do as much or as little as a company prefers. Some companies prefer to have the unpacking done professionally to make a more effective use of time so everyone can get back to work as quickly as possible.

Benefits of Using a Reputable Business Moving Service

Hiring professionals to aide with a company’s move is more than just a delegation of duty, it also comes with some important benefits that can make the choice an easy one:

  • Keeps employees engaged right up until the move. An employee that is balancing their normal workload with considering how to pack up their stuff and the best way to do so can be an employee who is ultimately less productive. Hiring a service leaves packing to the professionals so employees can work right up until the move.
  • Limits time business is halted. During the midst of a move, a company’s business does not typically run at the pace it is accustomed to. For that reason, most companies find it key to spend as little time as possible down during a move so that it does not negatively impact customers or the bottom line.
  • Provides peace of mind. Companies who self-pack without a plan in place often find themselves worrying about if everything was packed and if it will arrive in one piece. Those who utilize a professional service generally have more peace of mind in the process. Rather than worry about business furniture, you can keep your focus on other aspects, such as informing staff about moving updates.

Things to Look for When Choosing a Moving Company

Especially when moving things of a more sensitive nature, there are some key considerations to keep in mind. It is critical to choose a business moving service that is:

  • Insured. A business moving service should be adequately insured. In Texas, this means having accident, cargo, and liability insurance.
  • Registered. The company you choose should be registered with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, the Texas Department of Transportation, and the U.S. Department of Transportation. If a business is moving across state lines, their moving company should also be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
  • Experienced. Verify how long the company has been in business and how many large scale and business moves they have performed.
  • Diligent with hiring processes. Be sure that the company uses safe employment practices such as regularly conducting drug screenings and background checks of employees. A company that hires their own full-time employees versus contract workers is the safest option.

If your company is changing locations and needs a business moving service, be sure to work with a company that understands the special needs of a business and can provide safe and secure services. Contact our team by calling (713) 683-8585 if you have questions about our business moving services or would like to request a quote.