Why Hire A Mover That Knows How To Move A Piano

Statistics state that the number of pianos purchased annually has increased for the third year in a row, so there is a greater need for piano movers. The price is customized to the project, and an accurate quote requires complete understanding of the demands. Will the instrument fit up or down the stairs? Does it require storage? Is a crane or hoist needed? How is it protected from damage during the move? How far does it need to travel?

The U.S. Census Bureau data states the Houston metro area increased in population by 275,000 people, or roughly 100 thousand households, in 2013. In the Houston area, there is one piano in every four homes, so in 2013, 25,000 households relocated at least one such instrument. Moving with prized instruments does not have to strike fear into the hearts of people. In fact, specialty moving experts are knowledgeable on the intricacies associated with transporting large instruments.

They are difficult to move because of the sheer magnitude of their weight. They commonly weigh between 600 and 1500 pounds, depending on the style and age. The dimensions increase the complexity of the project, so there is no such thing as a simple self-move when it involves a piano. Generally, the task requires up to eight trained professionals to relocate a concert or baby grand, as long as there are no complications.

The project begins with viewing the instrument, and then taking into account the existing location and the final destination. The estimator obtains dimensions and takes photos to guarantee no damage occurs by the expert team of piano movers. The price fluctuates according to the value of the piano and the difficulty of the project. The project estimate includes challenging hurdles such as stairs or small doorways at both locations.

Once the project is underway, the instrument’s safety and integrity is protected. It is wrapped securely in multiple layers of packing and wrapping for added protection. If a crane or hoist is necessary at either location, it is prepared ahead of time. Once the team of experts decides it is safe to get started, the instrument is carefully transported to the truck and the final destination.

Moving professionals that have experience with the mechanics in uprights, baby or concert grands guarantee the security of the instrument. For instance, trained experts know how to unlock the action or fix a panel if necessary. Experienced professionals reduce the necessity for a tune-up after the move is complete, so there is no need to wait to begin playing upon arrival.

How expensive are professional piano movers? Is the price worth it? The price for a local move begins at a few hundred dollars. Of course, the cost fluctuates with the complexity of the project. However, a single mishap avoided saves the owner thousands of dollars and the possible destruction of a family heirloom.