Why Hire A Mover That Knows How To Move A Piano

Houston piano movers are specialists in handling both grand and upright pianos, and as the smallest upright pianos still weigh a few hundred pounds, it will take a specialist to get the job done right. The weight factor is a big one as the typical grand piano weighs half a ton, but pianos are also bulky, fragile and irregularly shaped. Few things are as challenging to move.

Professional piano movers have experience carefully getting pianos out of every kind of building imaginable, including single family homes, mansions, high rise apartments, commercial buildings and anywhere else you might find a piano. This experience is essential for getting a piano to its destination safely.

What are the advantages of hiring piano movers in Houston?

Experienced Houston piano movers are valued moving partners for several reasons, including:

A specialist’s knowledge

When moving a piano, a single mistake could force hundreds or thousands in repairs. That single mistake could be a bump, it could be someone losing their hold, or it could be losing control and dropping the instrument. Experienced piano movers know how to avoid those simple mistakes and take great care in handling the instrument.

That experience is especially helpful if the move poses other challenges, like tight spaces, stairs, or an extended path to the moving truck. If any of these are present, it’s much more likely that damage will occur if the piano is handled by an inexperienced crew.

Manpower and equipment

Even with experience, it takes a lot of power and finesse to get a piano safely on the truck. Professional piano movers know what resources they’ll need when assisting a client and will have them ready to go on moving day.

Those resources include both manpower and equipment, and it takes plenty of both to get the job done. Experienced crews work together to maintain control of the piano without wasting time, so the process is handled as efficiently as possible. Piano moving equipment includes piano dollies, blankets and straps to ensure minimal damage and maximum control.

For grand pianos, a piano board or skid is usually needed for safe transport. These are larger boards, so they also require additional padding and straps to operate properly. Further, piano boards come in a large variety of sizes, and it’s important to match the piano and board size. Experienced movers know how to provide accurate measurements and have an array of boards available.

Safe and efficient transport

If there are other things to move, there’s still plenty of work to do once the piano is carried to the truck. Everything else must be arranged carefully around the piano to prevent damage, especially once the truck is in motion. Experienced movers know how to prepare for this, so the ride is smooth and the instrument makes it to the new destination damage-free.

Help with unloading and placement, too

It’s likely that wherever the piano is going, the new place will provide additional obstacles for the moving crew. Even if the piano can be removed easily from point A, point B may be too difficult for an untrained group to handle. With professional piano movers, getting the piano in the new home and set up will be smooth.

Help with everything else

Professional piano movers are usually experienced in handling other items as well, so they can assist with residential or commercial moves in most instances. Experienced movers can also provide an expanded range of services, like packing, setting up furniture or handling high value, fragile goods.

What should homeowners look for in a piano mover?

The goal when hiring a piano mover is to find one that is reputable, trustworthy and qualified to do the job. There are a few things to consider in accomplishing that goal. For example:

Are they experienced with moves similar to your own?

In the moving industry, nothing beats experience. Every building is different, so the more jobs the mover has performed, the better. It takes years for piano movers to reach a comfort level with everything the job can entail, so target one that’s been around for a long time.

Ideally, the mover will have worked in situations similar to yours, and it’s a good idea to verify whether they have.

Are they properly licensed and insured?

To legally transport a piano, or any household goods for that matter, the mover must be licensed through the Department of Transportation, or DoT. Reputable motor carriers will offer their DoT license number willingly, and often have it presented somewhere on their trucks. If there is no DoT license, then it’s an unregulated mover, and this is risky as there is no oversight on the job they do.

Reputable piano movers should also have proof of insurance, including liability and worker’s compensation. This protects the property owner in the event of damage or injury, which means if insurance isn’t present, you could be responsible if someone is hurt while moving your piano.

Are they thorough and prompt with communication?

Communication is the foundation of a well-executed move, so your choice in piano movers should be good at it. An accurate estimate and remaining on time with milestones both rely on this communication, so it’s an often-overlooked part of the process.

Movers that communicate well contact their clients proactively to ensure everyone is on the same page, answer all of their client’s questions thoroughly, and follow up to verify that the move was completed to the client’s satisfaction. Look for movers that have a reputation for being proactive in this way.

It’s no easy feat moving a piano, but with an experienced, well-resourced crew on the job, it can be done safely and efficiently.