Piano Movers Rates Can Vary Depending On The Job & Company

Piano mover’s rates in the Houston area not only vary by the size of the job, but also by the company handling the job. They are expensive items, and an average person may own two in their lifetime. More experienced pianists will own several more. Regardless of the level of player, the people handling the instrument should be experienced and professional to get the job done right.

These expensive instruments often have sentimental value above and beyond their monetary value. Maybe it has been passed down from generation to generation. Perhaps it belonged to a family member that is no longer around. Professional players depend on the instruments to make a living. No matter the sentimental value, they are heavy and cumbersome, but they are also delicate, so a seasoned professional should be called in to handle the move.

The cost to move the instrument can vary from several hundred to several thousand dollars. Factors that determine piano mover’s rates include the distance and the difficulty of the move, and the type and size of the piano. A professional company with experience should be able to give an accurate estimate by phone after discussing these factors with a customer.

A small upright piano being moved a long distance can cost just as much as a larger one being moved up or down levels in a building. For example, a small piano may be easily placed in a truck, and another may have to be hoisted out of a window via a pulley system and raised or lowered to another level. All of these factors need to be considered to get an accurate quote.

An experienced company should be able to handle any size move. They should have the tools available to disassemble parts if needed, and proper packing materials to encase the piano in to avoid damage to the outside. They should also have knowledge of how to protect the fragile parts on the inside. The right company will also have their own transportation to adequately and safely transport it. Also, they will have enough employees on hand to carefully guide the instrument through hallways, up and down steps, and into the truck or trailer.

Piano movers rates will vary from job to job, and customers often get what they pay for. For moving an expensive and heavy item such as a piano, it is best not to cut corners on spending and have it moved safely and properly.