Why Piano Moving Services Should Be Hired

Trying to move heavy and expensive items during a move can be stressful and time consuming, which is why professional piano moving services are available. It may be tempting to try and perform the task without professional help, but one can risk injury to oneself or to the instrument. Since these instruments are very expensive and typically of great sentimental value, it makes sense to invest in a professional moving crew, rather than friends and family.

It takes more than just shear strength to properly transport one of these instruments. It takes an experienced group of professionals who have the tools and knowledge necessary to effortlessly carry out this task. JT Melia, a moving company with over forty years of experience, is one such group of professionals who have the credentials and experience to accomplish this. They are family owned and operated, so they truly understand the intrinsic value of such items, moving things with ultimate care and consideration.

There are a few key things when it comes to piano moving services, though it all starts with manpower. Depending on how large the instrument is, it can take up to five professionals to get the job done. A huge advantage of choosing a reputable company is the licensed fleet of vehicles that they can offer. The truck for this type of move will be chosen again based on the size of the instrument. The workers will utilize blankets to help reduce the chances of scratching the instrument, as well as sturdy ramps and sliding pads to help ease the instrument out of place. It’s not always a straight shot to the truck however. Sometimes, doors will have to be removed as the instrument cannot squeeze through the space allowed.

Professional piano moving services also take the unique shape of the instrument into account as well. When storing the instrument in the truck for transport, many considerations will be taken to make sure it avoids damage during the move. Furniture pads are typically used to prevent scratching, while wrapping the instrument in plastic can help protect it from the elements. If necessary, cranes can be utilized to fish the instrument out of a window as well.

Additionally, only reputable professionals have a deep understanding of the area, which allows them to choose the most even roads and safest routes when transporting these types of instruments. It’s much safer and allows a greater peace of mind to hire professionals for this type of job as they can insure items for the customer. Only credible piano moving services cover these types of moves and will offer low rates in protecting all of the items in transit. It may be possible to scrape by and individually transport one of these instruments, but it is much safer to hire professionals to avoid possible heartache and irreversible damage.