How Do Professionals Move A Baby Grand Piano In Houston?

The average homeowner doesn’t have the experience or resources necessary to move a baby grand piano. Houston has many moving companies that claim they can handle the job. Unfortunately, some companies will say just about anything to get business. There are several companies that specialize in moving these larger instruments, but it still takes a little research to find the right company for the particular job.

Moving a Baby Grand Piano

Moving a piano is not an easy task. The size, weight, and shape of these instruments all present unique challenges. It must be moved carefully, not only to avoid damage to the outside, but the inside of it as well. This type of instrument has many delicate parts inside that must be protected to work precisely. Sudden, jerky movements can cause damage. There’s no doubt it will have to be re-tuned once it reaches its new home, but that’s all that should be needed to make beautiful music once again.

An experienced piano mover may need to partly disassemble the piano and reassemble it once it is in the new location. The legs, the rod holding up the lid, the pedal assembly, music rack, and other loose items on the outside need to be removed and wrapped in protective padding. The soundboard will then require securing before the transfer.

The piano should be wrapped with furniture pads in order to prevent scratches to its finish. It may also need to be wrapped in plastic to prevent it from getting wet or being damaged by excess humidity. Rain can present a problem when moving a baby grand piano in Houston, so this extra precaution can prove to be very important.

There should be enough people on hand to assist with the instrument. While three men is usually the minimum for moving the instrument, four to five is ideal. There should be at least one person who is not handling the instrument but watching and guiding the movement, especially if transport entails going up or down stairs. They also should be free to remove any obstacles that may be in the way. Even though there is a clear path, there may be a reason to modify it, and a person who is not lifting the instrument is needed for that task.

A company with plenty of experience in moving a baby grand piano in Houston should be chosen for the task. Those without adequate experience likely won’t know the ins and outs of moving an instrument of this size. JT Melia Moving has decades of experience in moving large, cumbersome items.