Why An Office Move Checklist Is So Vital For Moving Day

Moving a business is usually a much more complicated process than just moving a home, which is why every business manager should keep an office move checklist on the day of the job. Business floor plans are much larger than home layouts, and there is typically much more to handle, much of it fragile. Because of this, prior planning is essential to ensuring a smooth move. While every company’s needs are slightly different, there are a handful of items that every manager should keep on hand. Some of these include:

  • The floor plan of the new building labeled for convenience. While a business manager will likely have a good idea of the new building’s design by moving day, it is still a good idea to keep a copy of the layout for reference. It’s also wise to color code it and use this color coding to label equipment and files. This will ensure everything is in its proper place.
  • A copy of the moving contract and documentation detailing expected fees. Though the vast majority of moves go smoothly, having documentation on hand from the mover will ensure that both parties understand the process.
  • Have an employee contact information sheet. In all the chaos of moving a business, it can be challenging to keep employees up to date. If anything about the job changes, having a quick reference sheet for contacting employees can be extremely valuable.
  • A contact information sheet for equipment manufacturers. In the rare event that any equipment malfunctions at the new location, it’s best to have the manufacturer’s contact easily available. In most instances, a quick call to the manufacturer can correct the problem.
  • A separate container or separate containers where the most important items are stored. Companies put a huge priority on getting back up and running as soon as possible, so anything that is needed to get the business going again should be labeled and set aside.
  • Clear labels for communication equipment. Phones and other communication equipment should be among the top priorities when bringing everything back online. That will help employees communicate with each other and with customers, both of which are essential for transitioning into a new space.
  • Labeled and bundled wiring. It’s easy to lose important wiring or cables during packing or in transit, and this can severely delay the company’s ability to get going again. Color coded labels attached to bundles of cable and wire makes it easy to keep everything together and with the equipment they are paired to.

JTMelia’s movers in Houston are professionals that will help business managers confirm that this office move checklist is being followed during the move. They also have specialized equipment for keeping sensitive materials together. That includes mobile file racks that allow JTMelia to store the company’s files in the exact position they need to be placed. At the new location, their crew will set up the business’s file cabinets and put everything back the way it was.

Commercial moves are a challenge, but with JTMelia’s help and thorough office move checklist, it will go smoothly.