Hire a Mover to Move Your Safe

Safe movers, aren’t just a luxury because, in most cases, they are a much-needed resource to preventing injury. Relocating a bulky, heavy items like safes and vaults are not something an untrained individual and a few friends should take on, as one slip can result in serious damage or harm. This is especially true if stairs are involved, as it can be extremely difficult to control that much mass when gravity is involved. And if the worst happens and the container drops, it can punch a huge hole in a wall, crack floor tiles, break bones, or pin someone. In short, it’s just not worth going it alone, and there are professional services that can make the process an easy one.

How can safe movers help homeowners?

A professional moving company has the extensive manpower, which is, at a minimum, a requirement for handling such a heavy, often bulky item. Professional services also have access to special equipment, like heavy duty dollies and supporting straps that make the moving process safer. Some moving companies even have powered lifts and cranes for those situations when the container has to be carefully extricated. For example, high rises and apartment complexes are typically several stories high, and navigating a heavy piece down multiple sets of stairs may require more effort than the homeowner realized.

Professional crews know how to protect the home’s walls and floors when moving safes, and they treat every job with the care that it demands. Putting a hole in a wall is a fast way to lose a deposit or reduce the value of the building. If this happens, a homeowner will be forced to pay for the fixes or spend the time fixing it themselves, which is the last thing someone wants to do in the middle of a move.

And even after the safe is out of the home, there is still a lot of work to be done. Getting the piece into the truck requires a lot of strength, but a professional safe moving company can make this step easier with a small powered lift that gently elevates the container into place.

The last step, of course, is getting the piece into the new home. It must be installed just right to ensure it doesn’t damage its surroundings and that the safe will be stable going forward. The installation is also a physically taxing process and is best done with trained professionals on hand. Otherwise, it might rock and represent a serious risk of injury.

Handling extremely heavy and bulky items is dangerous, and something that professional moving crews are trained to do properly. Don’t risk injury or damage – bring in people that are comfortable managing the process instead.